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So tired of family

I am new to the mighty groups just wanted to say hi!! Also ask a question about family...i feel like it’s just me but my parents and sister,brother don’t give me the support I need from then..they make it worse..all that happenes is I end up mentally physically exhausted for days....I think I need to cut them out of my life...I do so much better when I am not around them!!!! Some of my good friends(give a lot of support and help much love)and husband,children tell me I have to do what best for me ..until they understand what they do..if they want to be part of my life/family they need to support me..Does that make me a bad daughter or sister????? Feeling sad
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chereckered shirt

I have a question. Does anybody hate looking at checkered shirts or a striped shirt? that it hurt their head? I have noticed a lily and just now discovering it. I’ve looked it up and saw it was gamma wave oscillation



Missing out on meds

I came to AZ for vacation and failed to get my meds filled. I am waiting for my Vimpat which tends to be a strong one for me to forget. All I can hope is that I don’t have any seizures while I wait for the package today.
#GrandMalSeizure #Epilepsy

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Fight on Purple Warrior!! FIGHT ON!!! 💪🏻👊🏻💜

We all have those bad days where we do not feel like we can go on. But it is these days that make us stronger and able to conquer our challenges. Stay strong. And fight on Purple Warriors!! 💜💜💜

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#Seizures seizure #GrandMalSeizure

The other night the cat was sleeping peacefully in my dads lap and just sleeping but she suddenly woke up with a startle and started to shake and twitch(but bigger than just a twitch) as if she were having a seizure but she looked like she was aware, we’re taking her into the vet tonight but are worried. Any ideas on what this could be? Obviously cats are different than humans but it’s worrisome.

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