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TW Guns, one swear(?) #endgunviolence

I heard that I was the only one who slept through a shooting that sounded pretty close by at 4 AM.

I don’t understand why America think that guns are okay. That freaking 2nd amendment. I know there’s a difference between getting them legally and illegally, but even legally it’s just… ridiculous.

I really feel bad for all of my system partners (we’re plural) for having to stick up to where I live and crap, even though they know and understand about the situation already, and they all already know that I never, and we never, chose to be in this situation. But still, I don’t want them having to fear so much. This damn neighborhood.

I am planning to move out of here with my dad (hopefully sometime next year). So we don’t have to worry so much about this gun crap… and so my partners can feel more safer, too!

This is exactly why I don’t trust anyone who’s pro-gun. It feels like a mock to what could possibly happen and has happened, you know?

#GunViolence #system #Anxiety #Worried #americawhy #venting

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Mighty Rules

Trying to gauge the rules of the mighty. So I can’t talk about guns unless I add some not gun related message. Can’t talk about gun violence, or suicide at all…. How do shooting survivors use the mighty??? Or people like myself with relatives who’ve committed suicide via a gun??? The rules are so inconsistent. I’d appreciate a better description if they’d be willing to work on one. It’s confusing.

#CPTSD #PTSD #GunViolence #Suicide #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #TheMighty


Staring Down the Barrel

So my adoptive dad was obsessed with money… because my adoptive mom once had a severe gambling addiction. So my mom would spend money sometimes to piss him off. He was abusive to her just fyi.

So it’s my 12th birthday and my mom buys me 4 red eared slider turtles who I named after the ninja turtles 😅 However I decided one or 2 appeared to be female so I gave them female renaissance artist names. She bought a tank, heat lamps, etc. all the stuff… so it was expensive.

My dad was an alcoholic and as me and my mom completely setting up the turtle tank my dad walked in angry. When he saw the tank he demanded to know the price. My mom said, “We can talk about it later, it’s our daughters birthday.” My dad was still pissed.

He demanded we go buy him more beer. My mom was tired of being his enabler as people called her so she refused. Said she wasn’t doing it anymore. So my dad got out his hunting rifle and pointed it at me and her (I was standing beside her) and demanded again that we get him more beerS She looked at him in shock and I ran out the door after a moment of being froze. I had to force my legs to move.

I ran as fast as I could down my neighborhood street to the only neighbor I trusted and banged on their door in a panic. They didn’t answer so I kept banging on the door. The neighbors across who I didn’t know at all were suddenly standing behind me. They told me those neighbors were on vacation. They asked if I was okay and if I needed help. I couldn’t speak. I was filled with terror and questions. Do I tell them? Do I keep my mouth shut? Why couldn’t my trusted neighbor just be here?

The next thing I knew my mom was there beside me. She puts her arm around me and tells them that everything is fine and I’m just mentally ill. We proceeded walking home in silence. As we neared the house I stopped. I asked my mom why she said that and why she didn’t ask for their help. She said it was because it wasn’t a big deal and everything is fine.

My mom had stored the gun and said she knew it wasn’t loaded. Clearly my father hadn’t known that. I spent my whole life trying to get my mom to understand how messed up that event was. She always convinced herself it wasn’t a big deal so I’m like, “mom you’re husband should never ever pull a gun on you or me. There is no circumstance where that is no big deal.”

Today my mom and dad both understand how horrible it was. My mom more so than my dad. And my mom now hates guns. Which is why it took a lot to get her to ok me buying one. Including taking a safety class and training class. But I still appreciate that she cares.

Thought I’d share my story with gun violence.

#CPTSD #PTSD #Trauma #Abuse #DomesticAbuse #ChildAbuse #GunViolence

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It’s past time to act. #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #GunViolence #PTSD #Relationships #Grief

I know it’s bold of me, possibly arrogant but I can’t stay silent. As an Australian who has visited the US 5 times and holding the USA close in my heart, I am despairing at yet another mass shooting.

My political leanings are more Bush than Biden but something needs to change, something needs to happen.

I know the rhetoric that “guns don’t kill but people do”. Surely though certain types of guns make it too easy to kill people. Thoughts and prayers are great but surely now is the time for courageous leadership and backbone to say enough is enough.

No more massacres. No more senseless violence. Let sanity rein.


Never in my life I thought this would happen

I don’t know how to piece everything together, how to cope #GunViolence #lost #Suicide



my friend was shot and killed by her husband and then he killed himself this week- it’s surreal- what causes people to do such unbelievable things!?


#GunViolence #Depression #Anxiety

This year has been a particularly horrifying one in terms of mass shootings in America. I feel like every time I blink, another tragedy has happened. It used to be every few months or so, but now there are multiple shootings in a single week and it seems like nothing is being done about it. I’m scared to leave my home. I’m scared to go to school, concerts, Walmart, etc. I’m starting to feel hopeless and find myself crying when I think about the innocent people who have lost their lives or loved ones. It weighs on me every day. Does anyone else feel this way?

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