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My daughter is so much fun!

“I’ll see your Caprese, and raise you a Corpse-prese.”

(She used candy molds for the mozzarella)

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Happy Friday my fellow strugglers! 😝 #Friday #tired

Current mood. See above ⬆️
We did make it to Friday, but what a week!
#happyhalloween and I hope you all recuperate with lots of candy and rest... #Fibromyalgia #Anxiety #PTSD a killer #Migraine #Depression and a #mommydearest (my mom) attack this week have all worn me out. Thank God above my therapist comes tomorrow ♥️.

(Not to mention my oldest child has #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder which I can only describe as hell on earth - for all of us ☹️. Please follow me if we’re similar. I’d love to know how others deal and adapt.)


Think Before You Act

Today, I was scrolling on Facebook and a page I followed had posted a picture of a man dressed as a blind pilot, cane and all. I’m pretty sure my scalp started sizzling. I am going to say something that I can’t believe is necessary to say. People with disabilities are not here for you to use for Halloween costume ideas. My disability is not a costume. It is something that I live with every day, it is a big part of my life.
So, just to be clear, it is not ok for you or your child to dress up as a deaf person, a blind person, a person who uses a cane, wheelchair, walker or any other assistive device. It’s not cool and it’s not funny.
I hope that this gives you something to think about and I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween #happyhalloween #mydisabilityisnotacostume


What do you like about about Autumn? #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia

Baby, it's starting to get cold our! I love when fall sets it because I felt less like an outcast when I cozy up in a blanket and relax. Cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks,warm cider, pumpkins, and watching spooky and funny movies, and all the ausomely fun and scary decorations. There are so very many reasons to hate this season, bit there are so many reasons to love it too. What do you enjoy about Autumn? #Comfort #ChronicPain #EDSers #Fibromyalgia #happyhalloween


My Halloween Story

12 years ago on Halloween, I was holding our one-month old daughter in one arm while using the other to hand out treats to neighborhood kids. One kid, around 5 years old, stood on the steps with his mom behind him. He didn't look at me or say anything, despite his mom's encouragement. I bent down and dropped a Kit Kat in his pumpkin. He didn't seem to notice, so I tried again, showing him the Kit Kat and how I was putting it in his bucket. No luck. I wished him a Happy Halloween and stood up and just before closing the door, he said in little mouse voice, "Happy Hawoween." His mom burst into tears. I had no idea what was going on. She hugged him and told me, "He has autism. That was the first time he said, 'Happy Halloween.'" Wow. What a cool moment, I thought. What I didn't know was the baby girl I was holding had a rare chromosome disorder, Dup15q syndrome, and was also autistic. I would have so many moments like this mom had standing in front of me. Halloween has almost become a moment each year where I can almost mark her development. The year I carried her from house to house because she couldn't walk steadily. The first year she could make it up steps holding my hand. The year she managed up the steps on her own. The year she said "Trick or Treat" to the lady in the witch costume and touched her long green nose. This year, she is so excited for Halloween that she's been carrying around her pumpkin of treats since my wife broke out the decorations a month ago. She walked into our room this morning and said, "Happy Halloween." I couldn't help but think of that little boy 12 years ago and smile. This is a holiday that brings a lot of joy into our house and I hope it does into yours as well. #happyhalloween #Autism #RareDisease #Parenting #Disability