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    Toy Story - An Affur To Remember

    Every night this guy carries a toy upstairs to bed with him, and walks into the room wagging his tail in anticipation of being told what a clever boi he is—which he is 🥰

    He has two Santa toys which are his year round favourites… the other night he dropped them both at my feet—guess he couldn’t decide between them so he carried them both ❤️🎅

    Knowing him, he may also be reminding to hang his stocking up, to make sure Santa leaves a tasty treat—or ten—for him 🎄

    #Dogs #MightyPets #MightyDogs #TheMighty #DistractMe #happyfriday #Friday #Furbaby #MightyPugs #Pug #PugMix #mightycommunity #grateful #Thoughts #Joy #happy #Christmas

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    Music and Madness

    Listening to Nas and Stevie Wonder. Be like water. Bruce Lee said to be like water. Let it go. Let all the easiness of water and heaviness of water wash away and make one to nill to one. Like zero to love in a tennis match. Like a soul patch in an 83 Cadillac, step back. Wash the day away with music swinging in the chorus.

    It’s Friday. I am an Aries, you’re a Taurus, They are gemini. It doesn’t matter to me, my mind isn’t high. It’s not lifted, it lifted and separated, the golden days liberated, my soul sedation. I got a Tegretol mind stead of acid rock, and I sing my third degree burns with cigarette burns. I am a boring stegasaurus, been smoke free before Bickfords went smoke free. Don’t follow me. A Flock of pigeons and a flock of seagulls can fight over a sandwich. Next to a beach, for breakfast. Think about it.

    The sun stands at attention for no one, it has no attention span. You try to touch the sun, you can’t hold her hand. She warms us all, but stays for no one. It’s a process too much sun burns us nauseous, water stings and heals. Surf the light.
    Like bands make her dance.

    This is a seashell free flow, free prose. Writing to the mighty folks. This is listening to your Spotify Free Friday playlist and trying to stay creative. Knowing each beat mixed with your thoughts is delicious. But that’s a remix.

    No one thought I would write over the beats they’d lace like sneakers, I fight back the depression but right now I’m feeling the emcee flowing from the speakers.

    So I think what’s next for me. Two days in a backbeat is like three weeks for some freaks.
    I feel good for a second and let down the avalanche of medicine - flies like a backspin.

    I could write but I listen to the musicians and let my digital pen spray iPhones with blue notes. Type like type writers could sentence this freedom fighter.

    Just another Friday night. Trying to hold on. Feeling alright. #Friday #Music #Poetry


    Happy friday

    happy Friday

    Happy Friday to all those out there. I want to talk about Reverence for Life. I learned about Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner today. His philosophy really speaks to me. These days we are all so busy, but I really think it's important to try to return as much as possible to the reverence for life. mental health is more important now than ever, because of the pandemic situation, and I think his philosophy can help. There have been times when I didn't show reverence for life, and I think it really affected me. #mental health #Friday #ADHD # reverence for life

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    Totally Distracted #ADHD #Friday #wisconsin

    So very distracted by a large tree branch that looks like it is going to snap at any minute from the high winds we have today!

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    I think that I have been having relationships with the days of the week. I think from a young age I have always looked at friday as the day before my time. I ask myself now what is my time? Is it the weekend? is it the absence of the traditional work week? Or is it me telling myself something about one day vs another?

    I found that my truth was found when I identified the lie I was telling myself about the time I wasn't taking for myself. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and #Friday have all been mine to do something with.

    #morning coffeethoughts

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    New Article! And a photo of my dog! And Happy Friday! #Friday #nvld #LearningDisabilities

    Here is my latest article published that is specific to NVLD!

    I would love to hear thoughts (if anyone would like to share) about the piece and if you feel it explains the overal NVLD experience! That being said, I hope I made clear that there is no “one” or single way to be or present with Nonverbal Learning Disability!

    What are your biggest challenges with NVLD?

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    How do you Cope with Life?

    What coping techniques do you find are most helpful for you?

    Comment below to help someone develop their coping mechanisms!

    #MentalHealth #mentalhealthmotivation #Friday #Anxiety #BipolarDepression #Depression #PTSD #Schizophrenia #freedom #Forgiveness #Love #patience #Gratitude #CopingTips #CopingWithAnxiety #Caregiving #CopingTips #youvegotthis #Feeling #EmotionalHealth

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    #Friday #BPD #PTSD #Anxiety

    Even on my darkest days, they're still a reason to smile. I'm still here, to fight another day!

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    Happy Friday! #Happiness #Friday

    I choose to be happy today!

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    Funny Faces Friday Self Care #CheckInWithMe #Friday #Bekindtoyourself

    This is how I roll on a Friday Night in my house.

    No Rock n Rock, just late nights up doing self care cos I can't sleep

    Found this cool watermelon mask in my collection.
    Thought it was a sheet but no its was spots 🍉

    Along with bunny ears too keep the hair away 🐇🐰 and an eye mask. I'm Surely rocking it
    Not very often I do this , have to balance it out , and take the hit if it sets off my facial pain.
    But boy do I love my new bunny ears .🐰🐇.
    Bought them to make it more fun when I do some me time.
    They are so soft and comfy on my head I forget they are there.
    Which is great 👍

    Plus I hate hate taking my picture.
    So I'm trying to get over myself.

    So what's your self care.
    Whats your Me time.
    What do you do to relax
    Love n hugs Tj
    🐰👍🙌🤗😘💞🌠💐💝🌞💚💛💗🤪🤯😳🤤🤪😴🐕🐾🍉 #Chatspace #Love #Hugs #Vent #rant #Talking #selfcare #Bekind #Bekindtoyourself #Loveyourselffirst #Anxiety #Family #Friends