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Favorite Verse of Scripture #Comfort #peace #MentalHealth

What’s your favorite scripture verse? If you don’t know which one to comment, maybe think of ones that have helped you in your darkest hours.
Whether it be from the Bible, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, or another book of scripture, all are welcome.

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My therapist

Is it normal that throughout the day I can hear my therapist in my head saying “you are not a failure” or “I am so proud of you”. She, in the best dr/patient way, has been so supportive in ways that I didn’t get growing up. She made me lock eyes with her when she said “you are not a failure” and I just cried. I’ve heard over and over how I mess things up from family and even friends growing up. Not with her tho. I feel like I’m babbling. Sorry. I truly wish that everyone here can get an awesome therapist like mine if they need it. ❤️❤️ #Therapist #Comfort #Bipolar2Disorder #Anxiety

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Comfort items for difficult days

What do you do when your symptoms flare up?
Do you listen to music? Cuddle with a plushie? Wrap up like a burrito in a blankie? Eat dino nuggies?
I got this hoodie for days when I feel particularly yucky. It's super cozy and very soft. It makes me feel safe.
#Comfort #FlareUps #CheckInWithMe #Migraine #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #Depression #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #ChronicPain

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It's ok.

It is funny how, on another mental health app (not this one), I am blocked by people I have had no interaction with just because of the content I share. I share basically the same content I share on here. It's ok. I am not there (or here) to be popular, even to be liked. I'm here and there to be a light. I am on these apps to comfort, support, and offer wisdom. I'm not doing it for me. I'm doing it for them, and for you. I got you, whether you want it or not lol. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Comfort #Support #wisdom

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Never Alone

This is one of two plaques I have on my wall with this poem that has always spoken to me. I have always loved the coast and feel closest to God when I'm there. The expanse and beauty of the ocean reminds me of His immensity and my finite nature.

Until recently I did not know that this poem is derived from a specific scripture in the Bible. Psalms 77:19 beautifully illustrates the invisible presence of our Creator and Comforter:

"...yet Your footprints were unseen."

This also reminds me of a scene from the series The Chosen where Jesus explains to Nicodemus the Holy Spirit. He illustrated the concept by alluding to the wind saying you can't see it yet you can see and feel the effects of it.

What can we take away from this? When in the midst of our pain, when we feel very much alone, we aren't. For those of us who believe and trust in the presence of the One who loves us more than any other, we are never alone. For those of you who don't, He is gently nudging you toward Himself so that He can supply you with the same comfort and peace that only He can give:

"…a peace that surpasses all understanding." - Philippians 4:7

Not only that, but as portrayed in the movie, The Shack, and spoken in Psalm 56:8, He is not only with us but:

"You collect all my tears in a bottle."

It is so good to know I don't have to go it alone.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #IntercessionforIllness #Comfort #peace #Faith #god #comforter

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A prayer for each one of you

Lord I ask you to please bring your peace and comfort to each and everyone on this site. You know their pain. You know their wounds and I ask right now that you surround each and everyone of them with your presence. Please love on them in a way they've never known. Please heal their deepest hurts and give them the hope they so desperately need. Please let them know just how much you love them and just how valuable their lives are, not only to you, but also to this world. You are amazing Lord and I love you. In Jesus'precious name I pray. Amen. #peace #Comfort #Hope #Love #Healing #value #Valuable #Faith #god #Jesus #IntercessionforIllness #MightyTogether #TheMighty

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Do you have a comfort item?

One of the things that many survivors of trauma do to help themselves self regulate is have a comfort item. A blanket, a stuffed animal, a photo — something they can physically hold to help ground them when they feel triggered. For me it's a small army of stuffed sloths. And by small, I mean like 30 stuffed sloths of different sizes and materials. I like to bury myself in them like a blanket and it helps me feel less alone or afraid.

Do you have a comfort item? If so, what is it and why do you love it? How does it help you feel safer? Share below.

#Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #Comfort #Selfsoothing

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#MightyPets #Cat #Christian #Comfort

Well Melvin Lick 👅 Greats everyone and would like to say he is doing well. God has restored his health! He was at deaths doorstep, but now he is enjoying life and enjoying his family immensely! For those who didn’t know Melvin had to be separated from his family for half a year. The boarding house that took him in did not take good care of him and almost killed him. He was only seven pounds when we got him back. We gave special instructions to the people who run that boarding house because Melvin has Kidney failure.
Anyway though through a lot of prayer and seeking out ways to help him, he is healthy again! And loving the little house bed I bought him! The little cutie 🥰🥰

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A want to move on..

My last post about being rooted in the past, is still speaking to me. For some reason I feel a drive to move from my current town and home that I’ve known for 36 years! It won’t be easy, moving all our possessions and uprooting to the East Coast of the U.S. I’ve lived in the East though, for 19 years of my life. I’m quite certain I could do it again. My husband says he’s ok with it. He’s someone who grew up in California. Really, he vacillates on moving..I dislike the changes that have happened in our neighborhood..More ADU’s more traffic, people not taking care of property, people infringing on our property..I know there would be a whole set of new things to get use to in a new place, but Hopefully, overall it would be a change for the better. I’d like to be closer to my children (-even though one has written us off!) I’m just antsy for a new start, a new beginning, some where else..I could do this! My husband, not really. He’s too rigid in his ways, even though he’d move for me, he just can’t step outside the box or color outside the lines…#PTSD #change #Comfort married to a non-practicing alcoholic still causes #confrontation #freedom need a #New way, a new place to call #home I just feel I need this before I’m too old…

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ただいま ~

I find peace when I feel connected and to me #Books are such a unique and magical way to let the universe fill me and let me sense everything through it.
I've recently reconstituted my pile of books on my night table and this view only, now that I've finally made the risolution to read again, gives me so much #Comfort . Makes me feel good :) - a quiet #hopeful positive smile. 😊
It's like they're saying to me: "Hey, welcome back home". The feeling is somehow moving. 🥺
Not gonna let them overwhelm me eheh u.u ☺️