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What’s your favorite recovery prayer? I’ll start!

For me, it would definitely have to be the prayer of St. Francis.

That prayer has carried me through very dark times in my recovery.

It helps me connect to my higher power in a very deep level.

What’s yours? ✨🤍✨

#Prayer #Higherpower #AddictionRecovery #Recovery

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My Daily Mantra

#mantra #DailyReminder #Higherpower #peace #NeverAlone #ForeverTogether

Just a little something that helps me get through even the most painful flare. Maybe it will help others as well. 💜


#Gratitude #Recovery #Higherpower

Just for today I went to two fellowship meetings

Just for today I made a new friend and spoke together about art and music

Just for today I looked at myself, seeing how my perspective can change my world

Just for today I meditated in the morning on ‘surrender’ and allowing my Higher Power to lead me

Just for today I wrapped up warm in a blanket outside a coffee shop and supported my friend only through my experience, strength and hope

Just for today I was happy to bump into people and feel a warmth within me to see them

Just for today I was approachable and provided as much help to a stranger as I could and having a proper connection with them

Just for today I ate dinner amongst my housemates and could sit with a big group in the house and feel comfortable in the loud noise and hype, feel content in myself as the noise was outside

Just for today I took some short time out just to pray and reconnect with my loving Higher Power

Just for today I enjoyed researching and taking notes on my creative work

Just for today I read through my book and felt connection and identification with it finally being able to override my manic intellect

Just for today I am grateful to be going to bed sober

God bless you 🙏
I love you 💚
Peace ✌️
Be still 🧘‍♂️

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First Day to see a "Professional"

I wake up early as I usually do. This morning is chilli, so I have pumpkin pie, coffee with hit chocolate mix. I'm listening to Janácek's Glagolitic Mass, and looking through Pinterest. I guess I'm not looking, just thinking about what to expect, say, and do. When I get home, how am I going to be?
I just pray that the Gods, Goddess', Archangels, my Guardian angel, and spirit guide come and be with me.
#Sadness #greif #counceling #becomingaware #brighterdaysahead #healinghereIcome #GuardianAngel #Higherpower