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    #Prayer #works !!! #ThankYou

    To all who read my post yesterday, I can report, at 6:46PM, my doctor’s letter arrived! Wow! My ability to share the situation with you all truly helped me, immensely. Thank you, #TheMighty folks, for your support and prayers.❤️

    In all honesty, after sharing on this site while in the midst of the storm, I did not plummet into a depression. Thankfully, I did not obsessively ruminate on the situation. Instead, I prayed and I believe the Lord showed me that I did everything I could do and now I can simply rest.

    The letter has been submitted to my company. Now I will simply face today and deal with the results from the letter when they arrive. As briefly mentioned yesterday, I can no longer fill the position I once held at my workplace due to my TBI. So, as I realized yesterday, I can only do what I am able to do and that is to simply send the company the letter. I will now let the Lord help me walk through the next step…only…when it appears.😉!!!

    This medical leave’s most important lesson learned: do not operate in a state of anxiety. Nearly everyday I had this thought float through my mind, especially as I prayed about things I had to do of face: take the anxiety out of it.

    Thank you all!❤️

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    What are you afraid to ask God for? #Faith #Prayer #Hope #Anxiety #Depression #Relationships #PTSD #MentalHealth

    I read a story about a man who when he got to his mansion in heaven he could get the door fully open. He asked the angel that was with him why this so. The angel said, “It’s full of of the things you didn’t ask for when you were on earth”,

    Now obviously this is NOT a true story. Yet it does raise the question are there things we want from God but have been too afraid to ask.

    Before I was married I was a professional actor on the road 11 months of the year. I will never forget the time I was in a remote Western Australia town. This was before ATMs existed. I went for a long walk and realised I was really hungry and thirsty but hadn’t picked up my wallet. I looked in every pocket, even turned them inside out. No money. So I prayed, “Father I am really want a coke and some fries”.

    I put my hand in my main pocket and miraculously there was a $5 note. I had triple checked this pocket before. I was amazed that God was interested in fries and coke. Of course God is interested in every aspect of our lives.

    God has four standard answers to prayer. 1. Yes 2. No 3. Not now 4. You do it.

    What are you afraid to ask God for? We have nothing to lose by asking and we might get reminded God looks after us completely. Even providing miracle supply of coke and fries.

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    Hello fellow conquerors in Christ

    I just had the most intimate moment with Jesus I think I've ever had. I am finally beginning to internalize what He actually did for me. I think I am finally falling in love with Him. Now I get it.

    Also, today God called me back to my role as intercessory prayer warrior. To be honest I feel like I am jumping off a cliff because the enemy comes after me anyway and my challenges can make it difficult to stand in the face of attacks.

    If anyone of you needs prayer, please reach out to me. Evidently my position is to stand in the gap.

    I also ask that you keep me in your prayers as well if you are able or if you think about it, specifically prayer for protection.

    We all have a cross to bear and it ain't easy! #Faith #Prayer #warrior #Jesus #christ #god

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    Here for you

    I just wanna throw out there that if you, yes you, ever need/want to talk to someone, please message me. I am not judgemental and most likely I will understand...benefit (and sometimes a curse lol) of being an empath of sorts with a big heart. I don't want any of you to hurt, especially alone. I am also an intercessory prayer warrior so if you want/need prayer over your situation, let me know and you got it. We all gotta stick together! #HereForYou #youarenotalone #MightyTogether #Prayer

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    Praying for someone who has severely wounded me. My prayer partner and I have been joining in prayer each night for this person's salvation. I have been praying fervently for this person for approximately two years. I love and care deeply for this person. Praying God can get through to them. #Prayer

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    How to be there for a family member that just lost their toddler? #Grief #Prayer

    How to be there for a family member that just lost their toddler? #Grief #Prayer

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    #Christian #MightyPets #Christian #Cat

    Many of you may remember my fur baby Melvin Lick. I thought he had been doing better but we took him for a vet checkup and to figure out how far along his stage of kidney failure was. While there where some good news, the overal verdict is he is in the final stages of kidney failure and he also has Hyperthyroid disease. The truth of the matter is that he had not gained any weight since coming out of that horrible boarding house. We might lose him soon. As of today he has stopped drinking, and he barely ate. Right now he doesn’t want liquid or food. There is still one med that he might go on, however I’m unsure that it will work. I’m asking for #Prayer from all followers of Jesus Christ to pray for his healing 🙏❤️‍🩹 Also that if God want’s to take Melvin home soon that he would take Melvin with as little suffering as possible.

    I’ve been so blessed to be his caretaker, his PawPaw 😇 and I will feel a sense of relief when he goes to be with Jesus where there will be no more suffering. But at the same time I am going to miss my boy 😭 even now I feel sad. My Mom and I have done what we can. The most powerful thing that can be done now is praying 🙏 and to make sure Melvin is as comfortable as we can while waiting for God’s healing weather that is a physical healing or taking Melvin to be with Him. How I long for the day Jesus Christ will return and I will be reunited with not just Melvin Lick, but all the Cats that have ever been a part of our family. For right now though my heart is aching and breaking 💔 there will always be a piece of me that misses Melvin Lick.

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    #Christian #Anxiety #FindingAHome #Prayer

    Well I finally have my section 8 voucher. And I’m anything and everything but calm. My anxiety is shooting through the roof. I have only until December 9th 2022 to find a place. Let’s just say finding a place that has a good neighborhood is not so easy out here. I have no idea of the housing authority will even help me negotiate with a landlord since most of the prices for gross rent are higher than the maximum that the housing authority will pay. They won’t allow me to make up the difference either. Seems kind of dumb. Anyway the apartments that are section 8 approved are all nasty, in bad neighborhoods don’t allow pets, at least the ones that are available. This nightmare of working with government housing programs started 3.5 years ago. It took me three years to just get in then a little over five months of being ping ponged back and forth. So now I’m here wherever here is😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 Prayer would be appreciated.

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    I need #Prayer

    Hello, I just joined. I’m Laurel.

    I had #Surgery on Wednesday for a #Cataract in my right eye. I had surgery on my left eye 2 weeks before. I have #Fibromyalgia , #chronicvertigo , #Deaf left ear and #HOH #HardOfHearing in my right ear, #MDD , #Anxiety , along with many other medical issues. My left eye was nice & easy. My right eye got a scratch on it in the first 24 hours, It has yet to focus. I have antibiotic eye drops along with the 2 anti-inflammatory drops. So many drops!

    I want my sight back so I can drive our daughter around. We #adopted our 2children from Russia in 2004. Our daughter has #FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). She is afraid to drive, so she still lives with us. Without sight, even with glasses, I can’t drive Gabby around. Please #Pray for my sight to become sharper.
    Thank you 😊