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Feeling pretty hopeless at the moment

Is it possible to even afford “low income” housing on disability? Right now, I’ve been looking for housing entirely on my own because the various people and programs that claim they’ll help have been very defeatist. Maybe they’re right idk but I’ve found more housing opportunities than I ever thought I could and that are advertised to the public. I was feeling really proud of myself and all the effort I’d put into finding these places, looking through job postings only to realize that the company could be a resource for housing and not so much for employment. But every time I reach out to the building management or leasing company about rent it’s the same thing, “we’re an income restricted place and this is our rent...” and the rent has never gone below $900! Even with my disability I’d never survive! And I don’t qualify for help from some housing places cuz I’m not homeless, I’m living with my mom. But she’s older, to start, and I don’t want to live with her forever and we have a tumultuous relationship. I feel like I either have to be homeless, now, or will be forced into homelessness if something happens to my mom. I don’t want to sound hyperbolic or trivialize anyone’s experience with homelessness. I just feel stuck because the very systems designed to “help” feel like they don’t help people prosper. And I finally got rid of my SI means that I’d had for years but I now wish I hadn’t cuz feeling trapped is a HUGE trigger for me😩😭 I suppose like it says in the song I’ve been listening to “speed bumps only make you aware” so I guess I need to check my blindspots and keep pulling ahead, so to speak 😕 #Bipolar2Disorder #Anxiety #Adulting #Disability #Ssdi #Housing #housingassistance #hopelessness #Depression