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My girlfriend is in a mental institution #mentalheath #borderlinepersoanlitydisorder #Relationships #LongDistanceRelationships

My girlfriend recently had to go to a mental institution because she was near suicide again... and she said Im the only reason she isnt dead now... but I miss her so much, and it hurts being away from her. I get barely any contact... how do I manage? How do I survive the time until she is home? Out anniversary is next week and we wont be celebrating it cause she is away from me... how can I make it through this, for her? I started self harming again. I cant eat. Cant concentrate... i need her but she needs to get better... im alone. I have. No one else... #Alonewithnosupport #PTSD #Loneliness #heartbreak #help #howdoicope #howdoidothis


Dentist. Anxiety. Dental anxiety. #longstories #Dentist #Depersonalization

Last summer, I had a tooth that needed a root canal. My dentist (who I do genuinely like) sends me to a specialist. I *think* (although no one ever admitted to it), that the tooth cracked during the root canal process, and it had to be extracted. And as the root canal specialists and his people were all apologizing that the procedure had gone so wrong (cause root canals are supposed to fix problems, not create them, right?) I realize that I don’t feel the same things that the people around me are feeling. They’re sad, and apologizing, and they feel so bad, and I’m like...annoyed, cause I’m having to stand there and listen to all of this and I can’t leave. And I went “WOAH.” Like, that’s not ok. I was lucid (for lack of a better word) enough to know that I was going through some things, but that was it. It was two months from beginning to end, and even now, I have all the emotional connection to that time that you would have to a rerun of King of Queens. In fact, there are reruns of KoQ that I’ve probably got more connection with.

Aah...guess who’s dentist had to call her in a prescription for antibiotics this morning, cause she’s now got the same sore/pain process starting on the opposite side?

So I’m not necessarily anxious about going to my dentist in particular, I like and trust him very much. But I legit cried myself to sleep last night over having to do this whole thing again, and getting my tooth pulled. (My husband, “Wait, didn’t you just fast forward past the entire root canal process?” Me: 😭😭)

Is there anyone here that has to ask for help at their dentist for anxiety? What do you ask for? Do you just tell them you’re anxious and go from there? I don’t know the process, and I’m petrified. 😭 Usually I get a little nervous before a dentist appointment, and go 🤷🏼‍♀️ and then I have to be over numbed cause adrenaline burns it up too fast. I’ve never told a dentist that I’m basically terrified to walk in the door. #Anxiety #Dentist #howdoidothis #help


Stuck in a vise grip of life #Anxiety #howdoidothis

for the past 2 and a half years I've been fulltime school and fulltime work. I feel physically exhausted and mentally drained. I can't slow down though because I will get behind and go full circle with stress and anxiety and depression. Everything has hit me all at once today and I'm just trying to maintain at this point. Help would be much appreciated #Anxiety #help #stuck