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My girlfriend is in a mental institution #mentalheath #borderlinepersoanlitydisorder #Relationships #LongDistanceRelationships

My girlfriend recently had to go to a mental institution because she was near suicide again... and she said Im the only reason she isnt dead now... but I miss her so much, and it hurts being away from her. I get barely any contact... how do I manage? How do I survive the time until she is home? Out anniversary is next week and we wont be celebrating it cause she is away from me... how can I make it through this, for her? I started self harming again. I cant eat. Cant concentrate... i need her but she needs to get better... im alone. I have. No one else... #Alonewithnosupport #PTSD #Loneliness #heartbreak #help #howdoicope #howdoidothis


LDR with CPTSD and BPD: when symptoms manifest for both of us during our relationship.

My girlfriend has BPD and I have CPTSD, two ends of a spectrum really. We met online and have been in a Long Distance Relationship for half a year now, though it feels like we have known each other forever. We are compatible in every way, impossibly perfectly matched and she is the light of my life as I am hers. Everyday we spend together is beautiful and comfortable, but it can get tiring for both of us when the other is experiencing symptoms of their disorder.

My depression has been bad lately, because all I want to do is hold her but Covid makes that impossible. And with my depression my symptoms and learnt behaviour is worse.

At the same time though, she has been in a state of less affection, no sex drive, no random comments of “you’re beautiful” or “I love you”, just us hanging out like we are just friends again. And I know its not her fault. Just majorly sucks that both of our disorders negative sides happened together.

We’ve been getting into dumb conflicts due to lack of communication (literally all our problems have been caused by either lack of communication or our disorders being extreme). I love her so much, and I am patient and will wait this out while showering her with as much love as I can handle, but its just hard right now.

I shower her with love, she smiles and thats it. Normally she would do the same and it would be that gross cute love bubble. But right now, nothing or rare moments. And I know its not her fault, and she feels guilty for it too (though she shouldn’t) but it does hurt especially when I am at a bad place mentally.

We are doing our best, we are looking after each other the best we can. She is my best friend and the love of my life, and I know we will make it through to when our disorders are being nicer, just the road in between isnt nice.

Any suggestions to make things easier or advice or anything would be appreciated. I love her deeply and just want her safe and happy.

#Dating #datingwithadisorder #CPTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #OnlineDating #Love #LongDistanceRelationships #LDR


Long distance relationship

I’m in a new relationship and newly engaged. He’s on deployment till next September. I’m struggling with my feelings for him. I don’t feel them often but I plan and think of my future with him all the time. I don’t feel in love or any feelings honestly. I think it’s because he’s not here. Has anyone else gone through this?
#BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #MilitarySpouse #LongDistanceRelationships #numbness


How to help deal with a long distance relationship affecting your mental health?

My boyfriend moved almost a month ago, with very short notice, I was so nooooot prepared. It’s been affecting me. I’m trying not to be so attached, but he used to live only a mile away and we saw each other basically every day. I know he misses me too, but it’s been hard with him working full time and dealing with family. I know he’s stressed out and tired and don’t want to add more to that, buttttt. Also where he lives now is an hour ahead of me. It’s been a struggle for us to communicate and talk talk to each other. I’ve never been in a long distance relationship and have never wanted to because I didn’t want to feel like this. But I want to be with him. We want to be with each other and that’s why we decided to continue our relationship. I believe he is the one for me. And even though I try to hold onto that feeling that this is only temporary and we have a future together, it’s still very hard. A phone isn’t the same as human contact. I miss him. I’m sad. I’m frustrated. I feel like he doesn’t have time for me and I’m trying to be understanding, but I can’t help but feel like he left me. Anyone been in a similar situation? I’m trying to do things to keep me busy and distracted. I feel like I may be codependent. Idk. I don’t want to be a bad girlfriend. I love him and I know he loves me. I know this will make our relationship stronger, but still ugggghhhhh! Does anyone have any tips to not let myself suffer so much from this? #MentalHealth #Anxiety #LongDistanceRelationships

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I’d Love Some Advice

How can I cope with my depression and anxiety? I’ve been thinking a lot bc my girlfriend has DID and my family doesn’t except that I’m dating a girl plus the fact that she has mental illnesses. My sister has called her some very hurtful names in my face and it really hurt me to hear them bc I care so much about my girlfriend no matter what mental illness she may have.
#LGBTQ #MentalIllness #MentalHealth #LongDistanceRelationships #Depression


I don’t understand what I should do? #Relationships #LongDistanceRelationships #hurtfeelings

I’m in a ldr for about 5 years now and we like broke up after 3 years in that and later go together and yesterday my partner told me that she told about my depression and mental health issues to her family. I don’t understand how should I process it. I’ve never told about it to anyone other than her and she told that to her parents and I’m not angry because she said. I feel sad. I trusted her, I understand that she was in a emotionally weak state when we broke up and had to talk to someone but I cannot bear it that she told her family about my mental health condition.
Note: Where we live it’s kind of a taboo having depression and all. I once tried talking to my parents about this but they shouted at me saying I’m not praying to god enough that’s why I’m having such problems. I was sexually abused as a child and I never told anyone this except her. I can’t process what she did. I don’t know how to react to it. I don’t understand what I should do.
#ChildhoodSexualAbuse #Depression #Bipolar #severeanxietydisorder