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Shopping on The Borderline.

Food shopping today was horrendous. It's rammed. everyone is on one agenda buy food for themselves and fuck anyone else. Shoppers are being ignorant, rude and hostile. I get to the cashier with half a basket, I Just wanted to leave. I said hello. She looked me straight in the eye and ignored me. I had enough bags. I had cash. She threw the shopping at me so fast that two items fell on the floor and I could not keep up with her so there was a back log. She said do you mind we've got other customers. I said I appreciate that you don't like to work on a Sunday, and I can appreciate that these are challenging times for you and your team. But I cannot appreciate your bad manners or ignorance. I am going to pack my shopping away into my bags and pay for my purchases right here. So I did. Calmly and unhurried. Paid for my purchases and left. When I got outside. I ripped the mask off and started hyperventilating. Shaking. Sweating. nearly in tears. Anxiety. Frustration. Panic. Anger... Any way, my first thought was I need medication. But I don't. I need to ride the wave and realised what I had just achieved..... Freedom... Comes in many ways... Mine came by buying my own dinner and getting home to enjoy it . ..and no I've not taken any medication or recreational drugs... Xxx

**Edit** Xx. It's an awful time and my heart breaks for "Joe Smith," working, family, house, not alot to show accept he keeps his head down and gets on with it . Doesn't bother anyone. Likes it that way .... People like those are targeted... Jobs, Family divided, no education, no benefits as such, can't afford basics but doesn't ask for charity and not flagged up (safeguarding) cus no service using history, government campaigning, propaganda, and opinions of others, Friends, Facebook, news, entertainment... What have you got left? .. I'm Just getting back to "society" "reality" after a very lonnnggg time, isolation, darkness, headspace, I'm aquatinted and going to the shop like that is an achievement. But not for someone who is not aquatinted or experienced any of the "challenges" the government are propping up or killing off. ...I can imagine they must be terrified... Xx #Thoughts #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #anxious #Smallsuccess #COVID #Shopping #iam1in10 ##AddictionRecovery #Recovery #MentalHealth #suicidelossurvivors #overdoseloss #Todaywasawin


Living with Endometriosis #MightyPoets #endolife #iam1in10

We don't know why you grow
Or even how you were born,
But your presence is certainly felt,
Leaving inside us, shredded and torn.

You tear apart relationships
You make us feel so low,
You operate invisibly,
So nobody can really know.

You're sneaky in your tantrums
And cause a flare at any time
No treatment seems to stop you,
Its a constant uphill climb.

You take way our babies
Before they're even born,
The toll you take on our lives
Leaves us feeling so empty and worn.

People question if you're real,
Make judgements and mindless remarks,
You're the cause of self destruction,
A continuous road of darkness.

You ruin our pre arranged plans
And bloat when the mood takes,
You strike and we have to cancel
Causing our jobs to be at stake.

I won't stop raising awareness about you
And will scream for everyone to know,
I am 1 in 10 amazing women,
Battling daily with chronic endo! ~Aimee Brown~
Insta: @endowithaimee_blog

#Endometriosis #ChronicPain #MentalHealth #Depression #endostrong

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