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    It is not as easy as ABC...

    It is as easy as ABC...

    Why don't you see?

    Everybody sees, why don't you?

    I guess, I am one of those crazy few...

    It is as easy as ABC...

    Why is your brain always so absentee?

    Everybody knows, why don't you?

    I guess, all those abused substances turned it into barbeque...

    It is as easy as ABC...

    Why is it then so hard for you?

    Everybody gets it, why don't you?

    I guess, that is why they always bid adieu...

    It is as easy as ABC...

    Why is it then so hard for you?

    Everybody thinks it is as easy as ABC...

    I guess, perhaps that is it! They think and I just be.

    #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #personality #personalitydisorder #abcsoflife #Life #Imposter #ImposterSyndrome

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    Remedying imposter syndrome

    Imposter syndrome can cause you to feel insecure, burned out, and full of self-doubt. If you struggle with imposter syndrome then check out this week's podcast episode to learn different ways you can remedy imposter syndrome such as Dr. Emee's TLC questioning sequence.

    #Imposter #ImposterSyndrome #challengingthoughts #mentalhealthpodcast #podcastepisode

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    Let’s start again?

    If there is a Nobel Prize medal in avoidance I would win that easily. I don't like being alone but I'm scared of people for some reasons I think it must have something to do with seeing my parents' failing at their friendships, family life, and marriage.

    I started exercising again. There is this group exercise trainer who is trying to be friendly and I think we click in some way and he is trying to be helpful in general. When he was helping me doing somethings or teaching me things, I was like giving him "Don't touch me bro" face.

    1. I was paying him to teach me for things like correct posture and exercise properly so it is his job to be in my personal space and around me so I could have a better reaction to that.

    2. I can potentially have a couple more friends through this gym so why do I still shut down or putting up barriers to defend myself?

    I'm not sure what the is going on with me but I think need to get out of this "zone" that I have been in since I was a child. #Anxiety #Imposter #body

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    #Imposter INSIDE ME


    The Imposter is a liar
    Who does not care
    A deceiving fraud
    So good at what they do
    Taking pride in being evil
    Instead of doing good

    Regardless if there's one, two
    Or thousands more
    So ruthless, phony
    Rotten to the core

    Leaving me confused, rattled
    Often torn
    Making me feel
    I'm all alone

    Just another sham
    This Imposter tries to be
    We were all born
    There is a reason
    Be patient and you will see

    A pretender who's fake
    A wanna be con
    Nothing unique
    Working dusk til dawn

    The Imposter is a disguise
    A remorseless disgrace
    Not caring how old, young
    What color or race

    If you think you're safe
    You couldn't be more wrong
    This Imposter I'm warning you
    Is only out to inflict pain
    Causing nothing but harm

    They work for Satan
    Playing a role
    Making you feel good
    Only to steal your soul

    Evil is a coward
    Will manipulate and cheat
    Molding and grooming us
    Whatever it takes

    Focused on the take down
    Adding a score another defeat
    This Imposter has nothing but time
    Wanting us to feel hopeless
    Invading our body, innocence
    Taking over our minds

    Lucifer can have my flesh
    My body so beat down
    I've been missing for so long
    Your efforts did not pay
    Now that I've been found

    Finally realizing you're not a friend
    Kicking me while I was down
    You didn't expect me standing back up
    I'm done going round and round

    My goal here on earth
    Is revealing the wolves
    Disguised as sheep
    Warning all people
    Don't be fooled
    You are what you reap

    Taking action
    A warrior for God
    Let them hear us
    As we roar
    Taking down the enemy
    Like never before

    Stop this Imposter
    From hate and sin
    Let us live in
    Peace, harmony and love
    Keep your eye on the pearly gates
    On the heavens up above

    I promise you
    the battle we've fought
    Will soon come to an end
    All the glory given to our Father
    As His One and Only Son
    Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior
    Takes the final win

    TD 2016


    Feeling Like An Imposter #ImposterSyndrome

    I was paid a most incredible act of kindness today. #Kindness I’m still in shock. I don’t think I deserve it which is my problem. It’s one of many sadly. I feel like an #Imposter . That I don’t deserve it. I had to read the offer note over and over to make sure it was meant for me. Things like this don’t happen to me. But there it is, no strings attached. And I’m sitting here waiting for the catch I missed, the change of mind. Why can’t I accept kindness, compliments, anything good? How do I stop this before I miss an even bigger golden opportunity, maybe even dismiss true love?