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Ironically no deep breathing is helping

I’ve been trying deep breathing for non-stop chest tightness the past 2 weeks severe anxiety that I haven’t felt for such a long period and bodily sensations before, but I got more panicky when I tried breathing techniques and nothing would help how it usually would, I think ironically at the moment just not doing it at all might be helping more. Instead of being frustrated and panicked feeling hopeless it’s not working. #Breathing #panic #hopeless #body #symptoms #shortnessofbreath #chesttightness #ChestPain #past2weeks

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Tips for shortness of breath/ noticing bodily symptoms less, fixated on breath.

I feel so dumb and stupid :( silly but I get this weird thing where I am constantly observing my breath and taking somewhat short breaths I breathe in deeply to try to regulate my breathing but it’s like I forget how to breath and it’s really ruining my days, I just want to go back to normal or be normal, I hate anxiety :( please help. 🙏 Anxiety is constantly being there and I want it to go away, I feel so alone and silly I can’t control this as well as I would like to or as I normally would, I also get this weird thing if I fixate on blinking it’s like I forget how to blink and instead of my body doing it automatically you become awkwardly aware of it and overdo it or under do it. I want to become less aware of these things and just let my body function normally, not ruminate or overthink and then feel too much. #Anxiety #hatethis #Silly #dumb #feelingdumb #pleasehelp #Annoying #shmptoms #body #Breathing #automatic #tooaware #Depression

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My Year Post Op Thoughts #CerebralPalsy #Surgery #Scars #body Love #Disability Pride #body Image

Year Post Op Thoughts:

You lie in bed, sprawled out over the covers, you move to sit up getting a better view of your lower half. Steadying your leg, you take your pointer finger and trace the red hot scar that stretches across your skin. Tingles move throughout your body as quickly as your finger moves across it. Hand still lying across your scars you take a moment before your hand moves to the softer pink above it. Enjoying the contrast. Before moving onto the quieter lines throughout your body, waiting for the jolt of memories, proud you could still find the first indents so easily.

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Recommendations for a yoga/stretching/gentle workout channel on Youtube?

I would like to explore starting a habit of gentle movement inside at home. I have a currently undiagnosed condition that is causing swelling and mild pain in my knees, so I do have some limitations physically. Mentally and emotionally I find intentional exercise very difficult because it makes me focus on my body which I prefer to dissociate from. I have been doing body-based and somatic therapy for nearly a year now, though, and some of the panic when I connect to my body is subsiding, so I think it is a good time to start a routine like this. I don't know where to start, though, and thought I would ask if anyone has a recommendation. Thank you in advance!

#recommendation #Advice #Yoga #Stretching #Workout #Exercise #movement #body #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #SexualAssault #Undiagnosed

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Discover How your Body Tells your Story

The body reveals itself in all its manifestations: through posture, gestures, muscle tone, attitudes of interaction, mastery of space, and speech. Science affirms that the body holds the explanation for the functioning of the mind. The physical constitution and its external characteristics would define, therefore, the performance of people's psyche. In 1933, the Austrian Wilhelm Reich, physician, psychoanalyst and one of Sigmund Freud's disciples, published for the first time the results of his research within psychoanalysis.
#MentalHealth #Selfcare #mind #body #Selfesteem

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Something that helped me Conquer my Mind

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to recommend this eBook. It helped me a lot to understand myself and to accept myself the way I am. It also helped me in various areas in life like work, relationships, and University as well!
Just leaving a recommendation of something that helped me and might help others as well:)
#Ebook #Ebook #mind #body


Wonders of a weighted blanket as a body pillow!

I’ve tried body pillows in the past to help sooth when it’s a rough night but they never helped much. What I discovered does help is my extra weighted blanket! Fold or roll it to a body pillow shape and wrestle it into a position of a person, back support, or something substantial you can hold through the night that won’t slide away. I have one rolled up on my bed all the time now, it really helps comfort me. #self soothing #better sleep #weighted blanket #body pillow

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Welcome, y’all! Fellow horse (any animals, really) lovers, come one and all! #horsesrmagic

I created this group for every fellow horse lover, as the horse world is rough, especially if you’re dealing with any kind of mental and/or physical health issues. This includes everything from #Depression , #Drug Abuse, #Anxiety Disorders, #body Image Issues, #relationship Issues, or just #animal Lover (and the struggle that comes with being a #sensitive , #Feeling & #caring person for them), etc.

All animal welfare topics are welcomed, but the point of this group is specifically meant to be geared to equestrians and horses.

If you’re an #Equestrian , or an aspiring/working one, we know the challenges that can stand in the way of this. Therefore, let’s chat about it. We can unite and meet our goals! #Horses ARE magic!

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Nothing works. Not meds, not therapy, not exercise. It’s all BS. Just stuck feeling miserable. Every. Single. Day. #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #mental illness #PTSD #body dysmorphia


Question re: sporadic painful spasms/body jerks

Wanting to know if anyone gets these. Orginally I use to get these muscle spasms that I think are in my arms or legs. Now in my #hands as well
They are extremely #painful and tend to happen when I am extremely tired, hadn’t slept or needing sleep.

Now they seem to be happening more frequently and violently. I may be on the couch watching tv and all of a sudden my body will violently #Jerk . I may be holding my cell phone and it flies out of my hands (this happens often).

After it happens I’m wide awake because it is extremely painful.
It reminds me of like when you #fall #asleep and you dream that you fall. You wake up because your #body jerks but it is normally not painful.

It’s not the same as when you get a #Muscle spasm in your #back or #legs it’s more like the #whole #body #spasms . Does anyone understand what I’m talking about??? Or get this feeling? Thank you #Gentlehugs #warriors