I believe I need to be taken, taken somewhere where my worries and struggles do not burden people I love. I believe I need to be cast away from society, for have no value to contribute or knowledge to give. I believe my current existence places such a burden on people I love and care too much about, to a fault, do not need a burden like me in their lives.

I am the one that threw away everything. I am the one that thought, for once, if I didn’t wake up, nobody would come knocking or know. The one individual that cared and gave a shit, is the one I’ve ruined things for.

Please, Lord, take me away. Give me the strength to fight because I no longer want to or have the will to. I don’t want to exist like this, I don’t want to push on. I don’t know what I’m doing or what my purpose is and every holiday, celebration, gathering weighs down upon me heavily. It’s a reminder I’m alone. It’s a reminder I don’t belong. It’s a reminder I am outcasted because I have mental illness.

Let sleep overtake me. Let me lift my heart to you. Let me fall asleep in the arms of the one I love and know that maybe, just maybe, it gets better. I know I can’t keep putting on a smile and brace face for that facade is slowly caving in.

“I think I hit the potion life where,
I’m just done.

I cried,
I fought,
I tried,

But everything coz crashing down.

My demons are screaming louder,
Trying to eat away the great of me.

And this time,
I’m not going to fight back”

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