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× " My Boss Love's My Strong Work Ethic " × #SoHappy #SomeoneSee 'sMe ❤

× " I LOVE Working It Keep's Grounded × Focused...I Don't Like Staying At Home. The Only Reason Why I Was A Stay At Home Wife. Was Because Of My #cerebral Palsy. For 15 Year's. I Love Meeting Uber Driver's And Having Meaningful Long lasting Conversation's. I Sometime's Get The Same Uber Driver's. I Like Working Because I Don't Want To Just Sit I Can't Because Of My #Anxiety .. Working Really Help's Me Control My #Introverted Self #social Anxiety Disorder...But I'm In Pain Working On A Broken Foot Since Childhood. Is Painful. But I Love Working. And The People That I Work For. Is It Wierd That I'm Starting To Become A Workaholic. ☆ S.K. ☆


Hello Mighties!
I wish you all a very happy new year. I got to know tons of things this year. It was quite ferly. One of the best things is I found the Mighty. You all are so Amity. I pray for everyone reading to have a beautiful year and smile on your face. We all are together. On thing that I would try as a new year resolution is to get to know myself quite deeply. Goodbye 2020 thanks for everything you did and Hi 2021 let's see what you got.

#Depression #Anxiety #abusiveparents #School #Introverted #helpme #wearetogether #Motivation #wecanovercome

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I met some new and some previously unknown neighbors recently. We had fun and how can I #make friends with them?

My #IBD #SocialAnxiety #Depression have kept me #Introverted for years. I dont want to be lonely & afraid of people any more. They have a lot in common, young kids & mine are all grown & on their own for years. I AM child friendly & have several grandchildren that would love doing stuff with my neighbors children. I don't know where to start & I'm scared to reach out.


Can you fix an introvert?

Many people, like me, call themselves an introvert. But what does this even mean? Is being an introvert holding you back in life? Is it better to be an extrovert?

In my latest article, I discuss the missing piece that traditional psychometric tests don't provide: that there are very different types of introverts and what exactly drives their behaviour.

This information helps us both appreciating the gifts of being an introvert and managing the drawbacks more effectively.

In the end, there is a spectrum between being an introvert and being an extrovert. Neither is better than the other, and we all can slide a bit back and forwards on this scale.

Being able to do this will help you become more effective in living the life you want.
#Introvert #Introverted #introvertism #Enneagram #PersonalGrowth