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Depression #why #help #IsItMe #misslife #freindsgone

Please send me some positive vibes. Feeling like I’m going further down due to Covid, no job, where did my friends go I think they left because they couldn’t take my depression. I am in between my husband And sister Who did not have a place to stay so he said stay here and now it’s going on too long. My daughter has my love and it’s affecting her she does not want to come by me anymore we have to go to her house which is an hour away. I’m just feeling real down. I try to please everyone myself. I’m not pulling the crybaby blame card But I am. I don’t hear from my friends I text them and they just text me maybe two or three words back not like it used to be. I’m just so down and lonely I make jewelry, my wreaths , i’m trying to set up an account online I get so confused PayPal and all that jazz. I try to learn everything on my own I do ask my husband or daughter and they just get frustrated. I want my life back. I really never post anything about myself but going down and I need some happiness from people on this group. Help me through the day. I wish you all the best ❤️#newday #stopYelling at me ##Daughter please don’t leave me

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Please show me how to live...

Today I wish I wasn't trans
I wish I didn't wake up to a body that isn't mine
I wish I didn't have to wait years to begin correcting natures mistake
I am not proud to be trans that would mean being proud of the mistake
I may be proud to overcome society and stand up and accept myself as who I am
But today I am tired
Today I watch others with the strength to stand up fight for basic human rights
I watch as we are ridiculed and told we are vermin and a burden
I watch myself in the mirror and think how my life would be
But I truely see myself for what I am encased in
For my mentality has the freedom
But it still is limited to the four walls I live within, tormented by the noises of neighbours, fighting for control with the voices in my head that tell me to save the trouble and end it all
I am exhausted of being misunderstood
Mostly I am exhausted of seeing how people act towards each other, more interested in self gratification.
No unconditional love
No neighbourly kindness
No smiling at a stranger just because you can
No understanding
Just bitter aggressive words
With each word as painful as the last it feels like a fork jabbed into me and they add up
The positivity oozing out through the wounds never to fully recover
Everyone wants a piece
Until its all gone
Because I don't speak these words to others I do not take a piece
People look at me asking why do I look the way I do, with nothing no piece left to hold
While they hoard endless pieces of others for their own satisfaction
I am left with nothing
With just my mind to betray me, telling me I am fat and weak of mind and spirit unlovable unlikeable not worthy to breath the little air on this earth.
And yet as my mind returns I plan my day ahead to resume this mindless existence, I get dressed go to work to earn minimum wage to struggle another day with food and basic living bills.
My life is just to survive longer than the next person like its a race
I question when people preach about religion with the afterlife being so glorious why is it those people do not die sooner, they seek out doctors and healers to cure illnesses which would deliver them to this glorious afterlife yet they strive to continue suffering this existence.

#Transgender #Transman #Depression #exhaustion #Anxiety #PTSD #help #IsItMe #suiside #AmIAlone

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#ME Maybe some thing wrong

i am so focused on doing something and walking towards it but then in a second, my mind will have another thing to suggest then I get sidetracked and again and again ana’s again until the day is almost gone and I didn’t even started what i’m planning to do and not even finishing what i’m getting sidetracked on. #IsItMe