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#ProstateCancer #leapoffaith #emotional /#psychologicalspouselabuse #Knowledgeispower #retrainyourbrain

My emotionally/psychologically abusive husband, of 30 plus years has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I’ve been blessed: without any plan or struggle I innately reframed my decades of thinking. He needs me. My mantra is “make the best of this very moment”. I somehow created allegorical stories, totally void of any judgement or negativity, that told how anyone (him) can reflect, tweak their approach to life, and discover strengths they have can use for a greater good.
His doc says the cancer is totally treatable.
They say these situations show what you’re made of.
Our dynamic has changed, without any struggle. I will not tolerate abuse but I will stand by him, be his foundation, for as long as he shows respect and appreciation.
Life can teach us amazing things!



It seems at every corner there is someone seeking to undermine any efforts I put into practicing self care specific to my needs. There is always someone that thinks they know what I need better than me.🙃 I read so much about everything I can get my hands on to offset my need to hyper focus on topics of interest to me because my ASD and OCD more often than not are in hyperdrive. I work so hard at maintaining balance in my life, that it can be exhausting. The rewards of this are that I know a lot. As a child my sister and I were often called the Britannica Brats. Because we knew a little, about a lot of things and I knew a lot about things that weren’t common for a child to know or talk about. The adults hated me, because I was often too talkative about things they knew nothing about. One thing my father taught me from the day I could speak is that knowledge is power. My late granny taught me that no one could take your knowledge, your education from you, so get as much as you can, because that’s what you like, it’s what you love. I live to learn! I dont care what anyone thinks about that either. My knowledge has saved my life, it’s protected me and my child. I went undiagnosed for most of my life which made things far harder for me as a single mama on the spectrum with other conditions. So I use my knack for hyper focus to benefit me and those around me. You can take any negative and turn it into a positive. My son has learned this from me and he is an excellent expamle of Turing all the negative into positive. I love my life, and I love touching the lives of others with my helpful hints, thoughts, and knowledge. Great things come in small packages. So even though I am small in the grand scheme of things my greatness will be enduring because I am a Superhero in my own right, because I use what I have to help others! I sleep better knowing that, I hope this helps someone. Take care!


“Selfish” #PTSD

What does it mean to be selfish
Is it only caring about your needs or a dish
What does it mean to be selfish
Or is it taking the time to know your kid’s wish
What does it mean to be selfish
Many people can articulate with the best of them
But do you know they could be part of the least of them
I don’t claim to be perfect nor righteous
Heck, I don’t claim to be much of any thing
However, please don’t call on me if you don’t want to know why a bell should ring. ##Knowledgeispower