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What's the strangest place you found info about your illness?

I have eczema, specifically Atopic Dermatitis (AD). I don't know much about it, its been all my life and all my parents taught me was how to apply steroid cream and moisturizer. However, I am also a health care provider (which I now know s a "high risk" proffesion if you have AD). Our regional organisation has a curated "News pahe" that we see first on our browsers every time we go online at work.

One day, I saw a notice talking about a patient organisation for people with AD. They were doing research on hand eczema, a comorbid but seperate eczema condition. It was like unlocking a key, clicking onto that webb page and suddenly all the answers were at the tip of my finger. And I found among the new-medication notices at work. Probably the literal last place I'd expected something so poignat and frankly needed in my life.

What is your story?

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