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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Jellybelly32340. I'm here because
I developed prostate cancer. I immersed myself in the study of health and nutrition. FFiber is the secret Dr. Denis Burkitt 20 years in Uganda, a country of 10 million people 150 rural hospitals. 1971 Interview. Far more fiber, far more starch, far less fat, far less sugar, far less salt, abolish fried foods. Eat more brown bread. Top two. More fiber. Less fat. Western countries diet has too much fat sugar and salt cause sickness/ diseases. Western countries diet 15 grams of fiber, 80-100 grams of stool increase risk for chronic diseases. In India/ sub Sahara countries diet 100 grams of fiber 300-500 grams of stool exempt from Western diseases.

Americans eat 240lbs to 300lbs of animal products each year. Meat Consumption in the U.S. Is Growing at an Alarming Rate

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On diet/ disease
Burkitt Pritikin Attia The Lost Lectures from Nathan Pritikin - Dr. McDougall Kempner, Pritikin Breakey, Esselstyn Osfield Klaper McDougall from A-Z - Half Your Plate Diet: A Complete Guide Pritikin Baptise, Pritikin McDougall Hasini Attia
American doesn't catchHeart disease

The Lost Lectures from Nathan Pritikin - Dr. McDougall

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is CollagenQueen. I'm here because my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer 2 years ago. Been taking care of him and it's dormant and he seems "normal" but I know my time with him is limited. How do I get the worries out of my brain?


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Anyone have experience with Zytiga?

Looking for some feedback from those of you who have been or are on Zytiga. How hard did side effects hit you? I know it varies from person to person. My oncologist says updated guidelines for stage IV prostate cancer indicate use of Zytiga/ Prednisone along with ADT. It used to be Zytiga was used when PC was castrate nieve. I’ve had two distant Mets (skull and spine) radiated in last two years. Oncologist thinks I may have mets the PET scan didn’t pick up due to how fast the rise in PSA was…two month doubling time. Several years back I took ADT by injection until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Now on Orgovix (pill form) for ADT. Much easier to tolerate. Anyway, thanks for any experience you can share #ProstateCancer

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Overcoming Impotence: A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Men who are unable to get an erection for an enjoyable sexual engagement are said to have erectile dysfunction. In earlier years, it is not a prevalent problem, but the likelihood rises as you get older. Although it is not a standalone problem, there are specific conditions that make erectile dysfunction more likely, especially in young men.

Men above a certain age frequently have this problem. However, ED is a natural part of getting older; it can also happen earlier due to a number of emotional, physiological, and psychological problems. A man with a strong libido has a longer lifespan and can maintain an erection. A guy may experience erectile dysfunction problems along with declining testosterone levels and a drop in sexual interest.

Age and Erectile Dysfunction Relationship

In most cases, emotional problems might impact erectile dysfunction in healthy men. A young man must, however, be concerned about erectile dysfunction. However, it's also crucial to remember that a man in good health who has no obvious medical conditions can postpone the start of the erectile problem for a longer period of time. A man with a fit body might put off getting erect for years. A healthy man who experiences some erectile dysfunction might use Vidalista 60 to achieve a strong erection for intense sex. Just be sure not to use Vidalista with any other medications or erectile dysfunction drugs.

The general health and medical condition of a man also affects his erectile dysfunction.Injurious medical disorders raise the risk of sexual weakness. The likelihood of erectile dysfunction is increased by any medical condition, such as cardiovascular disease, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, and cholesterol problems. In actuality, any illness that decreases the blood flow to the sexual organ is what causes erectile dysfunction.

It has been noted that prostate cancer and prostate surgery have a significant impact on a man's sexual life. A guy frequently experiences erection problems after surgery. Any type of surgery lowers the blood flow to a man's sexual organ, which causes erectile dysfunction.

Drugs for erectile dysfunction, such as Cenforce 100 mg, improve the organ's blood flow. The sexual organ needs blood flow, which is the primary prerequisite for an erection. Blood flow to the penis's soft tissues reduces blood flow back to the body from the penis. When the flow of blood to the penis stops, the erection remains sustained. Cenforce is a potent medication that increases erections in order to provide a fulfilling sexual experience.

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Age-related problems cannot be fixed.

Erectile dysfunction can be brought on by age-related conditions such as blood vessel damage, low testosterone levels, and a lack of sexual interest. Since these problems are age-related, they cannot be reversed. However, medication helps with erectile dysfunction at any age. To take medications like Cenforce 100 properly, patients and those recovering from surgery need certain advice.

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Seniors and patients in their advanced years must ensure that they are taking their medications after a comprehensive doctor's consultation. Although using erectile dysfunction medications ensures that a guy can satisfactorily engage in sexual activity, the age-related erectile dysfunction issue may not be able to be rectified.

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Prepare for your end

Hello. My health is not good and I have a ton of diagnoses from OA, Fibromyalgia, lung, kidney, liver, and autoimmune diseases and foot injury caused gait issues and I am almost permanently wheelchair bound. But this ain’t really about me in that way.
Recently my dad who has been fighting cancer for years successfully was thrown into this vicious cycle of fighting for his life that was avoidable but for one doctor and his money?
Dad had kidney problems along with the prostate cancer that required a ureteral stent that is to be removed and replaced as directed. So mom and dad go to their appointment to schedule the next replacement. They were told the doctor no longer accepted their insurance!! No reference or guidance just sorry bye! My mom struggled to find another urologist with no success. Dad was taken by ambulance within a week and it was bad. He was physically and mentally just gone. He went into a fib ,they stabilized him and began the antibiotics which helped but he needed nursing care and PT. He got back home and finally got a urologist who just put him on more antibiotics and delayed stent removal on more than one occasion. He ended up back in the hospital then another nursing home,assisted living for six days , back to hospital with another UTI sand C-diff from antibiotics. I’ve lost track but it’s been four to five months and he is miserable and in pain but they are more concerned with $$$. The scumbags I have seen throughout this is astounding. They act like they are all noble caring people but they are opportunists preying on vulnerable elderly to get their life’s savings. My older brother who is the golden child military man came down after the second nursing home and was totally sold on this beautiful riverfront assisted living facility. I asked if dad met the criteria and if they were capable of caring for him with all his issues. “Absolutely!” The placement lady told us she met him for 15 mins and although confused he was able to talk with her and was fine and “a perfect fit”.
His second day my twin was visiting and saw dad was in significant pain. He told nurse over and over. They said they’d watch him. Six days in they drove him to his oncologist appointment where mom and I met him. They all acted like this was routine. My dad looked horrible and was in pain. The oncologist didn’t even get it. I demanded he be brought immediately to the ER across the street. The doctor noted in his record that the family insisted patient be taken to hospital.
It’s a good thing I did that because he had another UTI and C-diff AGAIN! Assisted living place would have watched him die. They sucked and tried to get every penny trying to tell us his furniture was still in the room 3 weeks after we had him out in exactly a week. They drive him to his appointment and the hospital? Duh! We had to get a note stating he couldn’t return there? Unbelievable. Those who insisted he was a perfect fit were now silent. One said “ they shouldn’t have let him leave the nursing home “. Amazing how twisted people get when it’s about that money. Hypocrisy. One said she was a CNA at age 13 and has been doing this like she had a clue at 13?? Name me an agency that will certify a 13 year old??? In America!! Yeah? Maybe a bit of overselling. So not needed. Just be honest and don’t make ridiculous claims like that. I’m thinking why didn’t she become a nurse or something like a technician like me. Not at 13. Anyway we now have attorneys and my dad did a lot of preparation like his DNR and advanced directives,his will and all funeral and cremation stuff. He smart and worked hard as a schoolteacher for 35 years. But they are ruthless and will take his money with no hesitation. My dad deserves to be given all the benefits available and not have his wife and family be financially in need. He told me take care of your mother. So I am I got her the best elder care Medicaid attorney in this area. I don’t have much and never married or had kids so I’m good but I won’t be stuck in one of those places. I’ll have a plan. Maybe move to Oregon? We treat our pets better than we do our own which makes no sense. My dad has been through so much. Can’t walk or control bowels or urinating. Wearing a diaper and sharp but goes into just senseless rants or stories. He has hallucinated and had profound dreams or mental experiences to him Now he has another UTI and is on an antibiotic hoping we don’t have a third c-diff but realistic. He wants it to be done. He doesn’t want to go home and put his dog through seeing him like he is. He thinks more about the dog and others than himself. Prepare ahead of time because Wow this is some BS. Disgusting

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Overwhelmed with thoughts of death

Hi. I’m new here and am having issues like everyone else. I have ADHD, OCD, depression and anxiety. Everything is very overwhelming in my life right now and I’m having trouble coping.
My Mom is in a nursing home receiving skilled care. She won’t leave her room unless my husband and I take her. She’s getting weaker by the day. I’m her Power of Attorney.
My Mom’s sister went into assisted living last fall in another state. She caught Covid-19 and went to the hospital. She had a choice of going to rehab or hospice because of many health issues. She chose hospice and died at the end of September. I’m the Executor of her estate.
My husband has prostate cancer and had a prostatectomy in December. We don’t know what will happen next.
All I can think of is death. What is the point of doing anything when we’re just going to die?
I am afraid to go to sleep at night and end up sleeping from dawn until early afternoon. I have no energy nor any desire to get any. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Trials and tribulations of life

I am 66 years young and have never really liked discussing the many health issues I have been dealing with over the past 40 plus years. A lot of that has to do with those in my family at times seem to not be able to relate to what is going on with me. I have been through 16 surgeries and have two bad knees that need replacement. I worked as a heavy equipment mechanic, tire store manager and Instructor at an Automotive and diesel college. These jobs have taken a heavy toll on my body along with two bad falls that started my back issues. I had two thyroid cancer surgeries in my early twenties and have no thyroid gland. I have had 5 lower back surgeries and still having problems even after multiple nerve ablations in lower back and neck. Most recently I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had the prostate removed in late November 2022. This put off having my left knee replaced for the second time and I will also need the right one replaced as well at some point in the future. Due to these problems and the fibromyalgia I find myself in constant pain everyday for many years. My pleas for relief are pretty much ignored by Doctors that do not understand or believe that I am having all these problems and won’t provide me with medication that can help me deal with the pain and sleep problems that come with chronic pain issues. Quality of life is also ignored due to the war on opioids that have helped a lot in the past, but now I think they believe I’m just looking for drugs to get high on. I refuse to use alcohol to help because it just leads to using more and more to find relief. I have not used any for 13 years and don’t want to go down that path again. To say that I am becoming overwhelmed by all of this would be a gross understatement. So I have come here to maybe connect with others with similar problems in the hope that It will help me or you in some way. There are other problems not mentioned because it would be a longer story than already stated. I have come to the conclusion that this is what it is and will live out my days in pain and fighting with my PCP Doctor over my thyroid medication. I feel better on higher dose but they insist that my numbers are normal. I have been on Disability since 2009. I know there are many of you that know what it’s like living on a fixed income and needing a lot of medical care. I like to exercise but find it to be very difficult when your body is hurting everywhere. And hurts so much more when you do. In spite of all of these issues I have never contemplated causing injury or worse to myself. I have much to live for with my children and grandchildren and hopefully someday great grandchildren. The bright parts of my life is I don’t have to deal with depression. I have a lot of faith in God and would appreciate prayers if you are so inclined. Thank you for bearing with me as I have rambled on about all of this. But it has made my life a little brighter just being able to talk about this. Any ideas or thoughts you may have to suggest that may have helped you deal with similar problems would be appreciated. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is npottle. I'm here because I’ve recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I’m hoping to find knowledge, comfort, and support here.


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“Gift” of learning to live with a #narcissiticspouse /abuse.

My journey has given me amazing steps in learning to be me; a trajectory upward in not being afraid to due-dilligently be me, no matter come what may; I fully trust myself—one of many things to remind myself of, when my #emotionallyabusivespouse aims to remind me that “he’s the smart one.” (I chuckle at that. He is going through daily radiation treament for prostate cancer. He’s experiencing/processing fear, stress,in his own way—I cannot be his emotional support; as a nature I am nurturer but I have no desire to give what I can’t get back. No time limit on these things. I’m grateful and fortunate to have minutes/moments when I feel content, pleased with myself. I worked darn hard, for decades! I digress! Now that I’ve shared that, I wish you a blessed day. We are worth it.