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I wish people would take my weakened immune system seriously…

All my life, I’ve caught bugs, colds and flus very very easily. But in the last ten years or so, it’s been much worse. Because of this, I have every vaccination available to me. The flu one, the pneumonia one, the meningitis one, the hepatitis ones, and five COVID vaccines. I avoid sick people like they literally have the plague.

But then I get my sister and nephew that come over, and the gremlin will crawl all over me. Which I don’t mind. But then just as she leaves she tells me that he’d been throwing up ALL NIGHT.

I run and wash my hands again (I do this repeatedly when he’s here cus my nephew likes to slobber). But, right on schedule… 3am this morning I wake up and had to sprint into the bathroom and even then, I didn’t make it to the toilet to be sick. I projectile-vomited all over the sink. I then spent nearly an hour curled up on the bathroom floor, shivering and being sick. My stomach muscles are so sore. My head hurts.

She KNOWS I’m immuno-compromised. Yet she repeatedly pulls this crap when she feels lonely and wants to spend time with someone.

I’m just really fricking frustrated and sore. 😞

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Stupid immune system #ImmuneSystem

So I was in A&E all weekend with what I've been told is HSP (don't ask me to spell it, I have no idea), basically an infection of the blood vessels that spreads to the kidneys and can cause them some issues. It's caused a rather interesting rash which looks like the worst bruise I've ever had. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience of this? I've been told it's rare in adults and more common in children. As a result of all this I'm being tested for a load of autoimmune stuff, which is making me really nervous but at the same time, I'm kinda hoping that it provides me with some answers. I feel conflicted. #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #AutoimmuneDisease

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Increasing anxiety due to covid- do you feel the same?

The last couple of weeks I've found my anxiety is increasing and I think I know why. (Background: both myself and my bf are immune suppressed, he was shielding, and we've both had all the covid vaccines we can)

Here in the UK restrictions are being lifted more and more. For example for a couple of weeks now there is no legal requirement to self isolate. Yes that's no legal requirement to self isolate even if you test positive for covid 🤦‍♀️ And as of 1st April you won't be able to get free covid tests either. In fact I think the only people who can get free covid tests are those going into hospital and those who are vulnerable to covid and showing symptoms. It's completely crazy imo, but you know there's nothing I can do.

So the message I'm getting from the government is "go back to normal". This in itself increased my anxiety. Another layer to add to this is the messages I'm getting from work, social media and people in general is "let's do more, see more people, return to the office, etc." This is feeding my anxiety because my brain is going "it's not safe out there because covid and people are acting like covids over... to your fight, flight and freeze battle stations... ***PANIC***"

I really don't know what I can do to handle this anxiety because practically speaking there isn't anything more I can actually do. I already work from home and thankfully can continue to do so (the message to return to the office is from top level management. My team however are super understanding and supportive!). We already get food shopping delivered and clean it on arrival. I don't see anyone inside with one carefully considered exception: I sometimes have private trampoline sessions in a big hall with only the coach in a mask there, and they're irregular. My parents have a 2 week extra-precautions period prior to seeing me.

There is literally nothing else I can do to keep myself safe and ease my anxiety. I suppose all I can do is wait it out and wait for my brain to get used to the new restrictions or lack thereof.

Is anyone feeling similar?

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New group for selective antibody deficiency

Hi guys I‘ve set up a new group for people with selective antibody deficiency( also called impaired polysaccharide responsiveness or specific antibody deficiency). I‘d love to see some of you over there that either have this primary immunodeficiency themselves /know someone with it or just want to chat about related topics. The name of the group is „selective antibody deficiency“.

I will use this opportunity to talk about this disease and spread awareness. Selective antibody deficiency (SAD/SADNI) is a primary immunodeficiency. In SAD-patients the immunesystem fails to produce IgG antibodies towards polysaccharide encapsuled bacteria. The consequences are many recurrent infections of the upper respiratorytract, sinuses, ears and much more that are hard to clear. This can lead to end organ damage (e.g. bronchiectasis) In about 80% of SAD cases the Patients suffer allergies, asthma and/or other atopic manifestations. This doesn’t mean that you should worry you have SAD just because you have asthma or allergies. SAD is (like all other primary immunodeficiencies) a rare disease and it is much more likely that you just have asthma / allergies.

Only so it is clear: I‘m not a doctor what so ever, this is only to spread awareness.

#PrimaryImmunodeficiency #ImmuneSystem #Allergies #Asthma #Bronchiectasis #sad

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Don’t let other’s (mis)understanding about chronic pain and their judgements bring you down

It can be very hard, very draining, overwhelming and very demanding to have chronic pain. Don’t ever let other people’s judgement (sometimes this is FELT not spoken) get in the way of your struggles to feel better. Just keep faking it sometimes when that’s the best you can do...if that’s what it takes to make you feel better can always allow yourself to truly feel the pain when it’s real, embrace it and how much it affects you, then please be gentle with yourself. Don’t let chronic pain lead to chronic shame. #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #ChronicDailyHeadache #Migraines #Headache #ChronicMigraines #PeripheralNeuropathy #DiabeticNeuropathy #HIVAIDS #ImmuneSystem #Fibromyalgia #COVID19 #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #BackPain


Wearing a mask makes it impossible for me to breathe...

Hi - hoping for some input. My doctor & I noticed in mid-August (1st in-person appointment after office had suspended in-person visits in March) that my blood oxygen level drops significantly when I wear a mask for an extended time (reproduced in her office). At this point, I wasn't wearing a mask often, and definitely not for long periods, as many things were still closed down, and I was most often at home. I have tried about 10 types of masks, and even with the one where I find it easiest to breathe, I can't keep it on for long. I've had a handful of long shopping trips (Target, a couple of long grocery shopping outings) and, by the time I reach the check-out, I am light-headed, barely able to stay upright, and walking like I am completely drunk (usually these symptoms prompt me to end the shopping trip, even if I'm not totally done). In late September, I was diagnosed with pneumonia - started treatment with a week of oral antibiotics, after being done with the antibiotics for about week, I really hadn't improved, and was admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics - I was only discharged this past Wednesday and am still on oral antibiotics. Post-pneumonia, I am still regularly experiencing shortness of breath, and it definitely doesn't make wearing a mask any easier. (And did I mention that I have pretty severe asthma; before this I had started working with a new allergist to see if it can be better controlled.) Where I live, in NY, almost 100% of businesses, restaurants, etc., will not allow you in/serve you if you are not wearing a mask; not wearing a mask while walking down the street can get you nasty looks and even commentary on your "choice." My fellow people with difficulty breathing, what are you doing in a world that continues to require masks? Obviously, not breathing to the point where it's obvious that my oxygen level is too low isn't a good solution, but it's hard to prevent all situations where extended mask wear is necessary... I want to be clear - it is not the idea of wearing a mask that bothers me. I'm all for helping to protect the community and contributing to herd immunity; everyone wearing masks, myself included, is also protective for me, as I would be extremely high risk if I contract COVID-19. So, how are others striking that balance - I need to breathe and there are also times I need a mask for a long time. How should I be walking this very fine line?
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Can anyone please help? since glandular fever, for 20 years I've had endless throat infections, chronic fatigue and flu symptoms 😣.

Can anyone tell me how to get heard by the rheumatologists? Has anyone had glandular fever and been ill ever since? I'm on antibiotics AGAIN and I'm so sick of being sick and no answers 😭. Because I have a mental health issue, doctors want to blame my mind? But this is real! #InvisibleDisability #GlandularFever #Sickness #ImmuneSystem #Pain #ChronicFatigue #ChronicPain #hopeless


Benefits of Warm Lemon Water for Immune System Boost!

Warm Lemon Water has many benefits, Improved digestion and detoxification, and also a good source of vitamin C to boost your immune system!
#dibetes #ImmuneSystem #warmlemonwater