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A new episode of The Mighty Podcast!? 🔎 Going More Than Skin Deep

For being the body’s largest organ, skin conditions sure do have a mixed reputation. (Insert joke here about them being flaky.) In this episode of The Mighty Podcast, host Ashley (hey that's me!) gets under the skin (well, metaphorically) of guests @camararollin, @chronicallymeh, @skyeg, and Katia to talk about their respective skin conditions.

While they do discuss the physical symptoms of their diagnoses — #Eczema , #Rosacea , #Acne , and #KeratosisPilaris — they also dive into how those conditions impact their mental health as well as their relationships with the skin they’re in.

Come for the validation, stay for Shruti and Katia’s incredibly detailed masterclass in skin care 101.

New episodes of The Mighty Podcast coming to you monthly! What topic do you want us to dive into?

P.S. A transcript of the episode is available here:

#ChronicIllness #skinconditions #Psoriasis

Going More Than Skin Deep

Our guests discuss the physical (and mental health) symptoms of skin conditions as well as their relationships with the skin they’re in.
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What’s your relationship with your skin?

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ?

There are an estimated 3,000 identified health conditions that primarily affect the skin, and countless other conditions that involve dermatological manifestations.

Because the outer layer of our skin is just that — on the outside — skin conditions or skin that falls outside the “norm” can feel like it’s under more public scrutiny than some other physical and mental conditions. We’re also bombarded with advertisements for makeup and skin care that are supposed to fix all of our “flaws,” but really just drain our pockets.

I’ve had a complicated relationship with my skin since around age 10. Acne (yep, I had it as a preteen and it’s gotten even worse in adulthood), easy bruising and skin fragility, the odd case of hives here and there, constant irritation, and repeated skin infections have caused me to be quite self-conscious about the appearance of my skin. I’m working toward having a more neutral relationship with my skin, rather than viewing it as a source of constant shame.

How do you feel about your skin?

#Psoriasis #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Eczema #Acne #RareDisease #ChronicIllness #CheckInWithMe #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #BodyDysmorphicDisorder #MastCellActivationDisorder

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Home from the dermatologist appointment

I have had some time to think... I'm kinda miffed about it, cuz my doctor has diagnosed me with sebo dermatitis, then changed it to sebo psoriasis, and now she's like "it's not psoriasis since it's better now after the meds but it could someday turn into sebo psoriasis and you can have psoriatic arthritis without the skin problems " which doesn't make sense. I'm fed up with my doctor. She said I can't use the meds long term but I'm supposed to use it twice per week. Ugh. She told me she had to put eczema on my chart in order for insurance to approve the new meds. I just am so exhausted from this whole thing.

#CheckInWithMe #Psoriasis

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End of sick leave

I’m coming to the end of my month of sick leave. My condition has improved so much in my time off but I’m worried about a few things going back to work
1) Will my coworkers judge me for having taken time off for my mental /physical health?

2)How can I manage my workload so that my stress levels stay low and I don’t experience a flare up of my skin disorder again?

All in all, I know I’m capable at my job, but my eczema, migraines, and anxiety have all been positively impacted by taking this leave of absence. I love my job, but the stress of capitalism makes it so hard to exist healthily #Eczema #MentalHealth #Migraine #Anxiety #ADHD #Depression

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Nothing day

Im having one of those days where everything feels challenging. Getting up to go to the bathroom? Difficult. Preparing decent meals? Impossible. Washing my hair? The biggest challenge. My chronic skin condition and the fatigue/dépression that accompanies it has drained me.

My only comforts have been my amazingly patient and supportive partner and my Nintendo switch (lol). I’ve stayed in bed for the majority of the day and just feel like I was hit by a bus. I know tomorrow is a new day but I can’t help but feel I wasted this one… and maybe that’s ok?

#Thoughts #exhausted #Eczema #Depression

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Sick leave -guilt?

I’ve been dealing with chronic illness for a long while now that has largely been invisible. Today I got approved for sick leave and will be taking a break to focus on my physical and mental health for a couple of weeks. I feel weirdly guilty about all of this, but I’m trying to unlearn those feelings and look after myself. Being uncomfortable for so long really takes its toll and it’s ok to take a break. #MentalHealth #Spoonies #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #Eczema

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Hi - I’ve had fibromyalgia for 15 years and have just developed huge rashes on my arms and legs that are so itchy I want to scratch my skin off. A walk in clinic thinks it’s eczema which I’ve never had before. I have an appointment with a dermatologist on Tuesday. Does anyone else have eczema since developing fibromyalgia?

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