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    Being misgendered | TW gender dysphoria

    Being misgendered by another non-binary individual or a binary individual who goes by different/no pronouns sucks the most, I feel.. apologies if this sounds rude or inconsiderate, but I thought especially we would know by now to not assume someone’s gender or pronouns…

    #GenderDysphoria #LGBTQIA #sad #Anxiety

    Community Voices

    Easier said than done!

    <p>Easier said than done!</p>
    Community Voices

    I’m in a rather dark space today. Not SI or anything like that. Just the weight of the depression and the racing thoughts in my mind. It’s torture!

    <p>I’m in a rather dark space today. Not SI or anything like that. Just the weight of the <a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce7600553f33fe991123" data-name="depression" title="depression" target="_blank">depression</a> and the racing thoughts in my mind. It’s torture!</p>
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    I’m so grateful | this may sound cheesy so apologies in advanced

    I love all of my 5 queerplatonic partners. How do they even stick through the rainiest days of mine, I don’t know. Even the newest ones stick with me. How? But I’m still so happy to have all of them. How in the world they are all so understanding and supportive, I don’t know.

    Maybe, just maybe I am wrong about everyone backstabbing me in the end. Maybe…

    Also friendly reminder that you are amazing and deserve to be understood and heard whether or not you’re in a relationship of any kind. /gen 🧡

    #grateful #LGBTQIA #Positivity

    Community Voices

    Be careful not to wear blinders when approaching a problem.

    <p>Be careful not to wear blinders when approaching a problem.</p>
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    Given my track record with IKEA assembly….

    <p>Given my track record with IKEA assembly….</p>
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    It took me a sec….

    <p>It took me a sec….</p>
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    I wish that this wasn’t seen as narcissism | TW misrepresentation/assumptions, mentions of suicide attempt

    I wish that liking yourself romantically or sexually or partnering with yourself wasn’t seen as narcissism. Thanks to most gen z (not all gen z btw, I’m also gen z) and just plain assumptions in general, autosexuality is sometimes seen as a narcissist identity or for narcissists. I’m autosexual and autoromantic, and I’m here to tell you that that’s not true.

    I have this perfectionism attitude towards myself and blame myself for getting angry at little things. I immediately feel horrible about myself if I’m seen as rude or mean, with the exception if for absolutely sure that it was just an accusation, such as trying to stand up for myself. I sometimes have suicidal thoughts and actually attempted several months ago.

    Autosexuality is not a narcissist identity. It may be uncommon, but it’s still valid and still an lgbtq+ identity.

    #LGBTQIA #perfectionism

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    #Gratitude , Forgiveness, Turning Points & Transphobes

    📺 - #Gratitude , Forgiveness, Turning Points & Transphobes - #DwhellOnIt Ep. 60 -

    🗣 - "Hooray you! Hooray, cisnormative communities, cisnormative environments, cisnormative businesses, and cisnormative lawmakers, hooray that after millennia of #gender -diverse individuals existing in the world, you finally are starting to create a space where they do not get attacked as much."

    ❓ - What's #DwhellOnIt ?

    👀 - Dwhell On It is a series where I answer your questions about my lived #experience as a #trans woman!

    📺 - A new episode gets uploaded every week! -

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    * What are the most significant turning points of a #trans person's life?

    * How do you be #grateful for anything when all we face are hate and abuse and transphobia by everyone?

    * What is something that you would never forgive?

    * What are your religious and political views?

    * What is the most challenging thing to understand about transphobes?

    🔗 - Links!

    * When does your transition end? -

    * "You mention you don't regret the time lost. How do you do that? I'm starting HRT at 39, but I've been questioning my #gender for 15-20 years, and I'm constantly thinking about what would have happened if I'd figured it #Out or been braver early on." -

    * Let's Talk About #Sports Emm Bee! -

    * How Presentation Affects Representation -

    * #Transgender Awareness Week - "Progress takes time, but it should not end with us going back in time." -

    👀 - Create #change !

    📣 - End anti-2SLGBTQIA+ abuse! -

    📣 - You can #help ! Everything inspiring HireWheller stays ongoing - biased systems, ignorant platforms, violent abusers & isolated victims.

    📣 - Grassroots #power comes from its #people ! Get involved or refer others you know to challenge systemic violence & oppression!

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    @HireWheller: A grassroots group to #help the 2SLGBTQIA+ #Community overcome often-minimized struggles.

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    @TaylorLakhryst: #Transgender woman, advocate, INFJ, ♊️, she/her/hers 🏳️‍⚧️


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    * Text: Dwhell on it w/ Taylor Lakhryst Ep. 60 - Gratitude, Forgiveness, Turning Points & Transphobes - HIREWHELLER

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    #LGBTQ #LGBT #Pride #equality

    Community Voices

    When a strong storm pounds you, what will you be?

    <p>When a strong storm pounds you, what will you be?</p>
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