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Drowning in debt and mental health struggles

Does anyone else feel like they're on a really scary hamster wheel? I've made poor financial choices because of my mental health and because of my mental health I'm in debt and I'm in debt because of my mental health and it just keeps going round and round and round. I can't get out of this cycle of debt. I can barely see the psychologist on a regular basis because I can't afford my copay every other week. The sad part is I make decent money but I can't manage it because I have mental health issues. I don't know what do at all because I'm drowning in bills from my inpatient stay, I can't get caught up on bills, credit card debt or medical bills and it makes my anxiety and depression worse. I feel like I'm never going to get out of this cycle and there's no hope or help. I don't go out with friends because I never have any money left over after bills and my friends don't understand and think I just don't want to hang out with them. I'm 34 and I have no savings no 401k nothing. The future scares me and I feel like I'm a financial mess and a failure. I have a hard enough time dealing with my emotions, depression and my anxiety on a regular basis when things don't creep in and I don't let my mind run away with me. But the worries of financial stress on top of everything else has made life a living nightmare. #financialnightmare #Anxiety #everydaylife #lifestruggles #Adulting

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Beatiful you

When you finally tell the truth of your struggles in a relationship. Finding time to sit your friends and family around and finally explain what had happen in your relationship you kept seceret for so long. Holding back for 9 years even giving a hall pass at 7 years to do as they please in hopes to mend a relationship. Always being put down and around a negative. Energy person when your so positive that you give up on all hopes and dreams.
Who has had this kids relationship?
this one's been in the past but I thought about reaching out to mighty about the struggles and a privilege to be a positive influence on younger and older groups.
What's your life struggle right now ?
#NeverGiveUp #Love #balanceissues #lifestruggles #Depression #positive


how can you deal with the transformation of becoming a whole new better person knowing that you have to leave your old weak self because you have to?

#change #transformation #oldself #lifestruggles #Pain #growth