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Trying to cope!

My best friends death anniversary is coming up, and I just feel so lonely and sad. I feel like I can’t talk to the people around me about it. #MentalHealth #Suicide

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3 sushi pieces and some Cheetos

Hi guys, ate today, macaroni and pasta for lunch, then almost nothing for supper, and no company, so a bit sad, this Saturday afternoon, so would love a chat with a friend, no lawn party since i've been in this town comin on 10 years now, instead loneliness and SI, I know I'm not the only one, I like to roam with my feet, almost that down now and no roaming, find myself in sombre places, what about you, maybe I will put a graveyard scene on, love, btw I have pumpkin pie and whip cream, if you'd like some


I’m new here!

Hi, my name is Shay. I'm here because life is difficult sometimes, specially connecting with people and finding the necessary support. Sometimes I just want to talk, but loneliness hits and I feel I have nowhere to run. I hope I can change this for the better in this platform where people get together for a common goal.

#MightyTogether #ADHD #AutismSpectrumDisorder #Depression

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I have been very low and lonely here the past few weeks, I was hoping to find a pin pal. Someone to help keep my spirts up and the darkness away.

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On my mind

Most Of today, i felt sad and lonely because i dont have anyone outside of therapy i can trust to be there when my mental health is being weird. Between the disassociation and emotions fluctating extremely throughout the day, it's hard to tell what i feel a certain way.

For instance, i'd react to a trivial thing like a customer being upset with me at work As an entirely earthshattering Moment. I'm not kidding, receiving feedback from management about a complaint made me cry too long. It was catastrophic.

I also have severe abandonment issues, so i worry about losing my friends constantly. And when they're not able to give me the attention i need because they're dealing with their own stuff, i get teary-eyed. And i feel more isolated.

I don't know how to fix this. Depression is the last thing i need right now. Working through trauma can be difficult, so i get overwhelmed and exhausted easily. I just feel so alone. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorderBPD #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #struggling

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all-nighter cleaning

Oh my, so cleaned like crazy for two and a half days, first kitchen, every inch of kitchen counter was taken by intruders, then I myself and Irene took care of the dogs, then got rid of all the blankets and bags from all summer and car trip from car, then sorted many towels, and switched to clean ones, then took appliances down to basement, then cleared table numerous time, from assorted multiple kinds of sandwiches, then experimented by making one pickle jar from garden tomatoes, then washed dishes, then made beds, sorted sock and underwear containers, made a craft fabric paint container, and wonder at there being 6 or 7 ways to peel potatoes, 1 knife, 2 boiled with skin then put in ice water, 3 in large cicular bowl type thing with motion, 4 with a hand held peeler, 5 with the spinny stick thing with either one insert at the bottom, or 6 a series of spikey things, found hinking boots, picked up assorted shoes, did laundry, put away, found non existent hand towels, somehow, gathered thousands of clothing pieces of everyone's that had been on couch for months, made summer donation bag, cleaned car, put Earl Grey in trunk!, went galivanting on 19 somethings for 2 and a half hours, washed fruit collection plate, listened to lecture about how I don't cook as much any more, when made a chicken roast this week, went 5 hour drives away and back, became 23 or 21 or 27 and Rocked out, got kid to school, made bed in tent, made beds upstairs, did I say that already, watched college movie, folded clothes which covered every bed, found matching odd socks, washed bath mat, all this after singing very almost good and with knowledge of the words, looked for a man in or at Starbucks in or at the Moon, was cold, quit smoking - today, want to invite elderly over, advised man on PB and J diabetes change and no need for insulin, folded quilts, put out a nice tea towel but can't decide if Summer Vibes are over, contemplated Neil, Kid, James, Natalie and Gretchen, ate a lonely delicous cheese stuffed hot pepper, vacated loud video game, had time to clean mouth, healed small bruise, wrote too much, the end