So the builders today where I live thought it was a great idea to start work exactly where an electric cable was. Boom no power for 5 hours. No one was hurts. The Power company had to come out and fix it.

So what could I bake without using my electric mixer?! My arthritic hands can't stir or mix without it and but have a gas stove and oven.

Mmmmm so Flapjacks an oaty goodness crunchy yet chewy plain or not. Sweet and yummy.
So chocolate flapjacks with mixed fruit and two mashed up bananas.

Because I live on a Mobile Home Park. I always make loads more than I need, I have three little ones living next to me so I made some plain ones for them too. #MightyMoments . They rest are more for adults so I added a dash of Baileys to it. Just before I popped it in the oven.

I now have cut it up and my neighbours have picked it up and it's been eaten no doubt already.
I do so like being useful while I'm stuck at home. My neighbours are shopping for me, walking my dogs, taking away my rubbish/trash, picking up my post and parcels and checking in on me daily.
This is my way of giving a little bit back. πŸŽ‚πŸͺ🍩🍰🧁πŸ₯§
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