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    Less processed, more waste...

    I'm trying to cook more from scratch but have been disturbed by the amount of food waste I generate. So, I put all of my veggie trimmings in a container in my freezer and when it was full I used it combined with a little celery and carrots and potato water to make a vegetable stock. #Glutenfree #LowFODMAP

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    Any recommendations for low FODMAP, vegan, prepared meals?

    My doctor wants me to try the low FODMAP diet to help with my IBS. I can wrap my head around what to eat and not, but I don't know what I can just buy ready-made. I usually make everything from scratch in big batches, but my fatigue has been unreal lately and I'm ready to start buying more pre-made foods to save energy. Are there any particular brands or anything that have good options for the diet that are also vegan? I'm thinking canned soups and frozen meals, but I know onions and garlic are in everything. Bonus points if I can buy it at the regular grocery store!

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    Low FodMap Recipes and/or Tips?

    I'm on a Low FodMap diet until told otherwise via my GI today. I have a single print out paper from the office on it, and my family are definitely not on the same diet. I need to make my grocery order in the morning for pickup. What recipes, brands, or general food items do you recommend?

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    Are the any people out there with IBS who have not had any success with the low FODMAP Diet?

    Please tell me I’m not the only one. I’ve tried it twice with little or no change. Have you found anything that works for you? If so what?
    To be quite honest I’ll give anything ago now.

    TIA Kat xxx

    #LowFODMAP #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #help

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