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Do you have BPD? Or manic depressive disorder or MDD as i say? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #manicdepressivedisorder #Loneliness #Friends

Please DM me or comment on this if you do i have manic BPD which means its very bad and i want to talk with others and become friends so i don't feel so alone.


Why can’t I get past sitting on the couch

I have a million things to do! Change the cat box nobody’s favorite but mine is so easy. It’s an automatic and if I wouldn’t let it go so long it’d be a snap but I do. My daughters been on vacation for a week, and I had all these big plans to have stuff done we’re having a Peloton bike delivered tomorrow so I have to have boxes moved out of the way we’ll most are gone. She comes in tonight and I haven’t accomplished anything #BipolarDiorder #ADHD since #manicdepressivedisorder can you tell I kinda switch from topic to topic I’m sorry I’m hard to follow anyway I did bring the new litter thing in from the car so that’s half the battle. Right! I continually think of what I need to want to do and I even set time of when I’m going to start doing them but I always revise the times and stuff never gets done. I never get off the couch.


My thoughts on living with major depressive disorder and manic depression with neurotic tendencies.

It doesn't go away. There is no "recovering" or getting better. My moods come and go with the tides of life. I have accepted this is who I am. I have had bouts of depression that have lasted 5 or more years, yet I still live. I have been numb of emotion, and void of compassion for years at time, yet I still live. I have been out of control, out of my mind, but also I have been the best me. It is sometimes hard for me to give and receive love, but when I do love, I love hard. I accept the darkness and welcome the light. I am my own worst enemy and my own best friend. A reason to be sad is not my plight. Although many may share the same path, we walk a lone. The people that love us may not have this disease, but they are not free of it. They experience the sadness, unpredictable behavior and mania through us. A realist, eccentric, creative, thoughts racing, distracted, dark, and crazy. These are my own words, this is my experience, this is me. #MajorDepression #manicdepressivedisorder #BipolarDepression


#manicdepressivedisorder and #Epilepsy sucks...

Today i woke up different from yesterday. Granted I've been #anxious and riddled with #Anxiety for days, but my mood has been relatively fine. I would even go so far as to say stable for the most part. However, today i woke up a little off.

Now, remember as i am saying this, i have #PTSD from various traumas i would rather not go into detail about at this moment.

Anyway, i get one phone call that triggers my #Epilepsy to mess up my speech a bit and cause it to become harder to think and process. Fast forward to this very moment and i am overwhelmed with sadness, some fear, anxiety, and overall i am extremely depressed. All of this is causing my skin to feel like its crawling, burning, itching, and tight. My thoughts could be best described as partially liquefied.

I want so desperately to curl up in a ball, cry, and be held just as bad as i want to remain silent and bite off the head of anyone who disturbs me. If i could envision my mood as a physical entity, it would most likely resemble a dog that's been on a chain for far too long. Like, it looks a little sad and you want to help, but the second you get near it, the chain goes tight as it snaps at you.