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I can not do today. I have been struggling for weeks, but I keep pushing and shoving myself to keep going. I know the signs that I'm hurting, but "I'm doing so much better now" so I don't feel like I'm allowed to go backwards...I can't stay in bed anymore. I have come too far. I called out of work today because I literally couldn't pull myself out of bed. I can. I know I can, but today was too much. My head hurts from medication withdrawal because my shipment from the pharmacy is delayed and the migraine is making me feel sick. I feel hopeless and defeated, but still feel overwhelming guilty for taking time from work to try to take care of myself... if I had a stomach bug or the flu I wouldn't feel like boss never answered me. Never responded. Now I'm terrified for my job on top of it and I feel guilty, but still can't get out of bed.

#MajorDepressiveDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder

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I feel like I ruined my relationship with my son... i wish I could go back and fix all of the hurt and i wish I had listened to my gut... i wish I was

Able to speak up. To talk about it. I wish I trusted those around me at the time. I wish I was normal... I wish I could do a lot of things that I can't... I wish I let in the light instead of walking blinded into the darkness. #MentalHealthisHealth


I hate how I can feel all of the self-doubt and hatred that my mother passed onto me. Her mistreatment towards me left so many wombs that I don't want to open up but I'm so scared to do so. I don't want people to judge me anymore. It's not myself that I was created this way... she didn't want me so the world create me, the world taught me that I can't trust anybody. The world told me that I can't do anything right. The world didn't prepare for the lessons I had to learn. You didn't bother to protect me because heaven forbid "the family" found out, I mean WHT would they say about a lazy 🤔 self obsessed 😅 pathetic 😒 worthless, excuse of a so called mother and my son will never know what it's like to have a mother so full of hate and distrust for supportive people who are truly there to guide ans help us thrive in this cruel world 🌎 #MentalHealthisHealth

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3 am thoughts #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

They say to be strong, that you’re not alone and it will all be okay. But sometimes we feel like we can’t be strong or we’re tired of fighting, we feel completely alone and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to all be okay. And THATS okay ❤️. Hurt when you’re hurt. Cry when you’re sad. Take the days you need in bed. And hold on because nothing lasts forever, including emotions. So when you’ve let it hurt, and waited it out and sat with it, let it go.... Then pick yourself back up and brace yourself for the next wave. #MentalHealthisHealth #Reality #3amthoughts #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

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I finally said it

I turn 30 years old next week. Yesterday I told my mom I had something important to speak with her about. We spoke on the phone. I told her that, if the doctor who prescribed me an anti-depressant at age 15 had not also prescribed counselling, then it was a very dangerous choice. I told her that pills are only one half of the treatment. I told her that because we never spoke about my treatment, I felt I was broken and needed the pills to make me right. I felt ashamed.
I told her that those pills were later proven to cause suicidal and self-harm in teens, so it wasn’t my fault.
And I told her I am doing really, really well lately. I finally said it.
#Anxiety #Depression #CounselingAwareness #TalkingisTreatment #MentalHealthisHealth #MentalHealth