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Student Loans and Hypo- Mania

I am seeking some advice. I am managing life with Bi-Polar 2, BPD, CPTSD, MDD ,and SEVERE ANXIETY. I am 56 years old and am a Psych LPN. I am in school to get my RN and it is a Struggle. I have to buy a house because my land lord wants to sell the house I have been living in for the past $ years. I need a house because I also have many rescue animals as I am Vegan and used to work as a Vet Tech. So I lucked out with this Rental. I have 13, 000 dollars from student loans that I have no recollection of taking out. I never followed through and went to these schools as I was just moving back from out of state getting a divorce and un- medicated. Soon after I attended an Out Patient Program, which is not easy to make yourself do when you are used to being the nurse and not the patient. My question is is there Anyway I can get this loan to be forgiven due to my untreated Mental Illness …I am unable to get a mortgage due to this loan and I am feeling Desperate as I cannot be homeless with my animals . They are actually the ONLY Reason I even get up and work and function. I know it sounds Disgusting to use my illness as an excuse , But when I get manic I think I can do All these things and I must have signed up for online school and I don’t recall. I am currently enrolled in an online RN program my parents are Helping me pay. I feel like I’m about to lose my Fucking Shit. I only got out of bed today to feed my animals …it isn’t day offa d I have sooo Much I should be doing…. I’m just Overwhelmed. Any Suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated. I’m sure I sound like a Whiney Bitch , I just didn’t think I would still be Struggling like this at this point in my life. The meds are helpful in keeping me from not falling apart completely but idk how to deal with all of this … My finals are coming up and it is my 3rd and final chance to pass and I can’t Focus on school due to the house situation … I Cannot lose my mind as I have to take care of my animals … idk Wtf to do… #mentalillnessisreal #tryingtokeepittogether #studentloanforgivenessforcrazypeoplehavetomakejokes


How do you handle those who deny mental illnesses are real?

I have depression, anxiety and mild OCD, and experienced a mental break down a few years back. I have been told by family members that depression and anxiety are trend illnesses that are used to cloud the persons laziness and unwillingness to contribute to society. There are only schizophrenia and bipolar disorder that can be accounted as real mental illnesses, according to them. And I'm not sick according to them... I'm just having a "rough time" (witch has lasted for about 17 years of my life, oh well..)
These family members of mine are all educated with in the medical field. So yeah! there you go!
I'm lucky that has a good partner that acknowledges my mental health and is such a rock in assuring me that it isn't always my head that plays tricks on me, that sometimes people suck and dont support me the right way. So I've learned to say f*ck'em! But it still is sad..

How do you deal with the denyers ? #mentalillnessisreal #Depression #Anxiety #somepeoplesuck