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Oops didn't see your message til now. #inmyhead #makingnewfriends #supporteachother #depressed manic #emotionallyconfused

Hi, I'm sorry that I just saw your message. I'm trying to tweak my first blog post so extrely anxious but excited as well
How are you doing? Do you work or are you on disability like me?

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Welcome all members!

I am so happy to see how our little group has grown and how everyone is supporting each other. I created this group because I was searching for support and felt so alone. As I see all your posts, and how you lift each other up and support one another, I personally don’t feel so lonely any more. #lifteachotherup #supporteachother #justonedayatatime


"High" Functioning Autism and What it Means to Me.

I've always had high functioning autism and masked it well, but sometimes I don't FEEL high functioning and thats ok. I've been masking my autism so well for 17 years, infact I have a extremely hard time taking it off, professionally or at home. Some days I can smile and laugh, catch on pretty quick on jokes, and have a decent filter. Other days I have to think slowly, wake up slowly and have little filter. Please remember its hard on us more somedays. Not everyone who has high functioning autism feels high functioning, some of us just had our flaws pointed out more often than our achievements. Even when I was in school I felt like I was clawing my way out of a well with no equipment I knew I HAD to graduate, for MYSELF. I did it! I impressed MYSELF and thats the best gift I could ask for. Keep pushing through it, I promise you will get through it and it will be worth a party. Autistic individuals CAN achieve it! Just 1 step at a time <3 love="" ya="" -hjhtheartist="" #highfunctioningautism #Autistic #insideautism #StayStrong #supporteachother #imgonnabeme #TakeOfftheMask #beyourownhero #impressyourself #goalreaching #justbeyou #AutismAwareness #keeplookingatyourgoal

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Here is a quote for everyone to meditate on. Belief is merely a trusted rule; outward behavior is the obedience to the rule but privately upholding the behavior is the true belief.

#MentalHealth #EmotionalHealth #HealtheWorld #Positivity #MightyTogther #supporteachother


Meditation: The Importance of Top-Ups. #Meditation

I got my Dad into meditation in a period he was feeling low. H"e started doing it every morning and he found it helped immensely- however, by mid-afternoon, he would be crashing again.

And he couldn't understand why...

"The brain is a muscle-" I told him. "A super muscle at that, but still a muscle. It's working hard, all day every day. It needs attention, and rest, just like your body does. Meditation is a way to provide that rest-

But it's not a tool you use once daily and hope it lasts for the day!

Any-time you start feeling frazzled, or run-down, or low- whack on a meditation. This is a way your brain is telling you- "oi, I need some attention" so listen to it. The more you ignore and push on, the worse it's going to get." I remember he set down his sandwich at this point with the look of Eureka written across his face.

"Even if you're just sat there-" I continued "wishing for it to be over, don't be hard on yourself, stick with it as much as you can- that's still self-love you've gifted yourself. And the more you do it, the easier it gets..." The realization sunk in and he ran off to the lounge to meditate.

Since I incorporated this into my own life, it has made things much easier. Meditating can be frustrating, especially when you already wake up depressed/anxious, and it's hard to not be hateful of yourself when you catch your mind wandering for the 15th time in the first five minutes of doing it...

But the more you persevere with it, without being judgemental or hard on yourself for the difficulties you face in practices, the easier it will become to practice and the more enjoyable! It's like training your body when you first start working out- you don't expect to do 1 workout and come away from it with the body of your dreams, so why do we expect the brain to be any different? I know it's a super muscle, but it needs time to develop, just the same as your body!

I'm interested to know how any of you overcame your meditation struggles in the beginning- any tips for people who struggle to show up for themselves or to get through a practice? Or just any advice in general on having a great meditation session(s)?
#Selflove #practiceselfcare #Depression #Anxiety #Foodforthought #Advice #supporteachother #Sharethelove #selfcare


Loving The Mighty App

I've just downloaded The Mighty App in Android! it's already heerrree for my fellow Android users too. I'm loving it. Thanks, The Mighty! Let's spread positivity, love, help and support to one another in this community. Live. Breathe. Don't be too hard on yourself. The struggle is super but we can all do this guys. A virtual hug for everyone 🤗.
#TheMighty #supporteachother #spreadlove #Depression #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder



Shoutout to anyone else feeling stressed and depressed today! Tomorrow will be tough for a lot of us and to anyone doing Black Friday, props to you. I’m stressed & depressed over a lack of funds, stressed because my child seems to have a UTI, but I have errands to do that I’ve been working up to for 3 days now and planned for a day when I only had one child with me and it hasn’t gone that way. I want to enjoy tomorrow but I need to feel like it’s a day with family I’m comfortable with, not feeling like it’s a day of small talk that I’m terrible making. The cold is so bad for my #EhlersDanlosSyndrome and my ADP #AuditoryProcessingDisorder is ridiculous with all the holiday energy and buzz.
Through all that, I am thankful for my daughters, I am grateful my mother comes to my house and helps me with dishes and her grandchildren. I am thankful for heat being included in my rent. I’m grateful to have this community.
Feel free to use the comments as your own emotional release outlet ❤️ #supporteachother #MentalHealth


Messenger #MightyPoets #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth

This is my first poem when I had my toughest time in this year. It was a message for help. So the name Messenger. Here is the poem.

It is so easy for them to get you,
And so easy for them to leave
It is so easy for them to say I love you
And so easy for them to leave a knife in thy heart.

Sometimes I think of the the times you were distressed,
The time when I became your strength ,
The time when you told me you wouldn't leave my side
And in the time of my distressed phase now,
You add up to my weakness
Instead of my strength.

It is not now that the storm is chasing me,
It is now that it already has me.
Save me if you can,
else it will continue to have me.

This is not a good bye
But a metaphor to stay
Oh, thou my love pick up
And Mend the broken pieces of my heart.


#MightyPoets #MentalHealth #Depression #MentalHealthAwareness #supporteachother #Anxiety #BPD