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We are still loved...and we can love.

I’ll be transparent...because what ruins our truth the most, are the lies that we keep hidden.

1. I haven’t been able to commit to intimate relationships because of undealt childhood traumas. It took me almost two decades until I finally understood what happened to me as a child wasn’t right. When what I internalized for so long had resurfaced. It floored me.

2. I can’t commit because my innocence and trust to love was stripped away as a child. Certain points of that child that was begging to be saved was still hoping that someone would save them. But no one did.

3. It’s hard to believe in God or in love when what had happened to me has no explanation or purpose. But I realized that what was taken from me as a child, never stopped me from living & overcoming everything & everyone that has come & gone out of my life.

4. The darkest days, loneliest days, most suicidal days. I still found some way to find was to love myself strong enough to know that, what & who didn’t love me, can’t ever hurt me, ever again. And I can still love. I decide that for me.
#SuicidePreventionMonth #savethechildren #MeToo