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Be Brilliant Just Shine

#encourage #motivate #help #survive #live

So many have gone through what we are all going through. If we only knew how there are so few.

Yes you #TheFew that’s right you right now are The Few.

This message is for you we appreciate you!

We celibate you!

We are happy for the you that you are today!

Why ?

Because you will only be this you for this moment inside many other moments!

This is your moment to shine!

Yes you that’s right you!

See you have been through something, lived through something and survived through something!

That by the way is a Miracle!

That means you are a Miracle!

So look at yourself and tell yourself

(( You are a miracle ))

That’s right in the mirror 🪞 that is you!

Look what God has done ✅ in you!

You miracle that you are!

So we have a little game, a small challenge if you would like to join us please do!

Just wait

We have to explain IT

IT is simply IT

Definition of IT is what makes IT well IT…

Wince you know IT then you need to remember IT

Don’t forget IT

Are you ready for IT

Ok let’s get to IT

This is IT a simple equation that solves IT

Just Watch IT

A B C 1 2 3 = Free

So step one you

Step two a mirror

Now step three to be free

Quote “ say to you “ this is what you do

For real look at yourself in the mirror and do this over and over for like a few months even 8



Please be safe be well be loved your worthy

Don’t forget IT


We know that you are

Do you know that you are




You matter

Your important

You are not alone

Please have a better day!


Choices #choices

Every choice that we make, no matter how small - reinforces the perception of #control and self-efficacy. And when we feel we are in control, we feel #Motivated - as to #motivate ourselves, we must feel in control.
Even if making a decision delivers no benefit, we still want the #freedom to #choose .
If you are struggling to complete something, some task - then CHOOSE to do the most interesting part of the task first.

When things are at their most measurable, WE should ask each other questions that begin with "WHY" - this helps in linking something hard to a choice we care about - and then it makes the task easier.
But if you want a mere escape, you want diversions - then the more choices you will be given or you'll seek for, the less satisfied you'll feel. And then you must be able to choose what you want to give up.
What are your #Thoughts on it?

P.S. This piece of writing has been #inspired by the #Book , The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. If you want answers to your own 'why we do, what we do', then this book is a must read.
Your comments are welcome.