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How anger often covers the true issue

I've been covering Movember and one topic that I was requested to talk about was anger, First I will say if someones anger issues are putting you in direct threat physically or to your mental health your well within your rights to step away and should do if abuse is ever involved.

Anger as an emotion is a tricky little devil, it's one the acts as a mask to cover how you actually feel. We all get angry, think back to when you have felt angry, when you have "lost control" was it truly the anger or was it what happened during the day (a final straw so to speak), was it frustration, a call to be left alone or one for help, was stress that things were going wrong, grief at a loss, the struggle to finish an essay, whatever triggered the anger there is always a reason.

People that appear alwags angry are no different, there are just dealing with longer lasting triggers that may well need further help. There are so many conditions these can fall under I'll name you 3 depression, anxiety and PTSD; all with treatment options. That's just the mental health though because bad pain management for chronic illness is just as bad. Family doctors are a good place to start if anyone is wanting to get help.

Remember to keep yourself and each other safe. You all matter.

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