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How do you cope when #Movinghouse with your #OCD and #Anxiety

I'm moving house soon and it's chaos my cats are stressing and I'm anxious about moving my three cats and I am so overwhelmed by it all
How do you all cope ?
Thanks in advance xx


Moving house

My partner and I viewed a house today and we loved it, we are sending the application off tomorrow.
My, anxiety, is, sky, high, already lol!! If I dont laugh I'll cry..
We havent even been accepted yet and the move is sending my already jumbled head into a spiral.
Wish me luck Mightys #Movinghouse #Anxiety #Worrying #reassurance


Moving towns

Thing are just starting to work out for me. I have a job that I enjoy and a phycologist who is fantastic but my partner of 6 years just got a job in a different town if I move with him I won’t have to work and I can finally start going to uni but my parents are so unsupportive of me moving (I don’t live at home but live in the same town as them) the town I am moving to is 2 hours away and mum insists I come home every second weekend and that I have to work... my dad has taken the “your a big girl and can make your own life decisions but don’t come crying to me when it doesn’t work” approach. I feel so unloved with no support #Movinghouse #Parents


My friend with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder just moved to the city. She’s having a hard coping. How can I be supportive?

She took a big risk moving out here and was really unhappy about living in a small town. She’s put a lot of work into her therapy and overall wellness. She had a bit of a bad experience with the first new family doctor she tried here and is now very homesick. Now she’s regretting her move. I know she’s overwhelmed but I feel responsible because I encouraged her to move. What can I do to help? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Movinghouse

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New here

Two years ago I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, which took a while to adjust to and manage. Seemingly as soon as I figured out how to manage my IC, I began having other symptoms which were diagnosed this month as fibromyalgia. So now I have a whole new health challenge to figure out, while I work 50+ hours a week at a physically demanding job, prepare to relocate to another state, be supportive of my 18-year old while they transition from high school to college, all without any family or friends who understand what I’m going through. I’m feeling very overwhelmed today, but also hoping that being here among people who do understand what it’s like to have chronic illness will help me keep my sanity. #InterstitialCystitis #Fibromyalgia #overwhelmed #Movinghouse #lonely #sad


Suicidal Thoughts—why?!

We moved out of a rental home we lived at for FOUR YEARS. We bought a wonderful house with only one previous owners and not even a decade old. We asked if the leaser’s could just clean up and hire people and they verbally agreed. We had a deposit off $1300 in 2015. We get billed for just over that amount after our deposit had been applied for repairs and the like.

First thing my brain does? Suicidal thought. Why?! Because I don’t want to work. I still have not gotten my meds adjusted because I haven’t seen anyone yet—waiting on appointment. I’m trying to do better and be better but it is difficult when I live in a state where there is no concept of altruism or people being good samaritans.

#Depression #SuicidalIdeation #Movinghouse #Anxiety

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My husband and I are moving from a house that we rented to a house that we own! I’m excited and so happy to be getting out of this house. I really thought it would be easy. That I would be so excited nothing else would bother me but I have had multiple panic attacks and so much stress. I never thought they would hit me like this. I’m hoping that once we get in the house and settled all will be better. I just wanted to put this out here to people who understand it and maybe some tips. I’m just so overwhelmed and trying to organize all of this plus dealing with crazy grandparents. I just feel like I want to run away. #PanicAttack #Movinghouse #Stress


Beyond exhausted

So we thought we were moving; then they buyers backed out of the contract 26 days until closing! After we already started fixing the repairs on the house. I don’t want to continue with this. Our agent sucks! I’m in flare, exhausted, And really beginning to be depressed over how inpatient and selfish people are. Just venting! ## lupus #Movinghouse


Moving house #exhaustion #CPTSD #Movinghouse

Just finished moving to new house and absolutely wrecked. I’m looking a boxes, mess and clutter and just cannot face it. So here I lie on couch with dog and blanket watching the rain. Going to try and do at least one goal today, I’m thinking vacuum.