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Just a general question regarding prescriptions…

Update: recently had a change in dosage for ny medication - they gave me 2 medication info sheets upon pick up today. While checking to see if there was a difference, I saw the different inactive ingredients for the different doses by this manufacturer. Turns out, the red dye in my previous dose is controversial for causing cancerl with daily ingestion of high doses(it’s banned in multiple countries and soon to be banned in my state for use in food). It’s reasonable to assume long duration of daily ingestion could also cause cancer, especially since scientists have previously petitioned the FDA to overall ban this red dye (#3 ). Side effects include migraines, irritability, inability to concentrate and upset stomach… Explains why it didn’t seem as effective and why my body felt repulsed when taking it!


So my question is this:
Is it possible to request for a specific manufacturer of a generic formula when I’m ordering my prescription OR at least request not to receive a specific manufacturer when getting my prescription filled?

Does a provider need to make the request OR can I request it only if agreeing to pay for any out of pocket cost?

To give a little more background: I recently had my coverage changed, and when I received a refill of my prescription medication, the manufacturer company was different. While I have been able to receive generic instead of brand name medication for my prescription without much difference in effectiveness, this has been the first time I’m noticing that not only a difference in appearance.
I’ve received the same manufacturer company of the generic formula for several months until this month’s prescription. This “new” manufacturer has different appearance that seems to use a dye or coloring that gives an unpleasant taste. While I’ve overlooked this at first, I have noticed I don’t seem to be getting the same benefit from my medication now as I had with the previous manufacturer’s product.

I’m uncertain if the manufacturer changed because my coverage plan changed or if this was just something that changed in general based on stock at the pharmacy. But I’m starting to feel fairly certain that whether its the inactive ingredients used or the formula for this generic manufacturer, it is not being effective now. What I suspect most is that since the product itself looks different in coloring and that dye causes a noticeably horrible taste (which causes my body to feel repulsed), the inactive ingredients are likely the cause impacting the effectiveness of the medication for me. Simply - my body isn’t tolerating the inactive ingredient of the color dye used by this other manufacturer, causing the medication to be ineffective in treating what the product is supposed to treat.

And if this helps with providing an answer: my prescription is for ADHD medication - I take extended-release generic capsules of generic formula adderall. I have not had brand-name adderall dispensed for years, so I do not think it’s simply the generic formula that is impacting this change. Although I guess different manufacturers can still have different generic formulas?
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Rib Subluxation

I’ve been trying to sleep for an hour - usually slow deep breathing helps me fall asleep. But it is less helpful when a rib is out of place and taking a full breath causes more pain while laying down.
And with the holiday weekend, I can’t get a visit with my chiropractor to fix it until Friday. 🫠😣 Doesn’t help that I ate a late dinner so my stomach bloated up like a balloon, too.

I can feel where my rib is out of place, yet struggling to get it to shift back closer to where it belongs.

It’s annoying when the smallest things cause so much disruption.

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