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Rib Subluxation

I’ve been trying to sleep for an hour - usually slow deep breathing helps me fall asleep. But it is less helpful when a rib is out of place and taking a full breath causes more pain while laying down.
And with the holiday weekend, I can’t get a visit with my chiropractor to fix it until Friday. 🫠😣 Doesn’t help that I ate a late dinner so my stomach bloated up like a balloon, too.

I can feel where my rib is out of place, yet struggling to get it to shift back closer to where it belongs.

It’s annoying when the smallest things cause so much disruption.

#justventing #HypermobilitySyndrome #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Gastroparesis #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #ChronicFatigue #multiplehealthconditions #MentalHealth

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I’m feeling frustrated. It’s been two years now for me that I’ve been predominantly in isolation due to the pandemic. My anxiety has been so high and continues to just axe away at my brain. My drs have no answers for me, no guidance, except to protect myself as I have no primary immune system. I’ve been calling them asking about advancements they haven’t even heard of yet… so frustrating. Not sure how much longer I can go on in this posture of nothingness.
I only leave my home for infusions at the hospital and even there I don’t feel safe now because the staff is working sick as well.
#justventing #CommonVariableImmuneDeficiency #COVID19 #isolated


#upfornoreason #DepressionAndMentalHealth #SuicidalIdeation

It's 3:00am here, so yesterday morning I woke up went to my seaking safety class, talked to my #AddictionRecovery specialist, and the #HealthNurse . "As you might think I'm an attention seaker" Ha I wish,my life is a F* mess. Well I finally opened up and let know what all I was going through & how I felt about #DependentPersonalityDisorder . They all told me they was #proud of the #progress I was making. Well apparently I'm not allowed to #haveagoodday . Well little later I have go get my license and insurance card I forgot. 1st The Dr decided close early 2nd My car wouldn't start I even tried getting a jump, no luck. 3rd Husband in #jail for #DomesticViolence on me. I let him know what all happened. So he starts going off on me yelling, cussing me out, telling me how F* stupid I was and how I always do stuff to make him mad. "Like ya I wanted to get stranded in the hot weather" so here I am awake from #Stress #Worried wish I could just sleep. "Not trying to OD" but I've taken 3 of my 400mg of #serequel I'm just so over this I'm just praying I'd pass out and #notwakeup I'm sorry #justventing #DepressiveDisorders #LifeProblems #Readytogiveup


Hello Again Bronchitis

I had a terrible cold for over a week that just would NOT go away smh. It kept getting worse and worse until I finally decided to drive myself to the urgent care. I did the little online check in before leaving home (as I've been there many times before and know how long the wait can be). So I get there check in at the kiosk and take a seat, about 10mins goes by and the lady at the front desk calls me up to ask which type of insurance I have, I let her know it's still the same and she tells me they no longer accept my insurance there 🙄🤬 talk about pissed! So I go out and drive myself to the hospital so I can be seen at the ER. By this time the sun has gone down and I'm coughing like crazy but my luck changed because when I get to the ER it happens to be a shift change and there's literally no one in the waiting room! They got me checked in and to the back in less than 10mins. Now I had never been to this particular hospital so of course I had to give the usual medical history rundown and long list of medications I take. But finally I get seen and told that it's not the flu, it's bronchitis, at this point I'm just thankful it's not pneumonia. Having asthma can be a pain especially during flu season because getting respiratory infections, laryngitis, pharyngitis, pneumonia and just about any "lung" related illness you can think of sometimes becomes the norm unfortunately. And to add to that the exacerbation of one chronic illness then usually leads to the exacerbation of another, so my Ménière's has been flaring like crazy and I can't hear shit besides my horrible tinnitus and I've been as dizzy as a baby deer stumbling around. I'm hoping I'm better soon.. I've been stuck in bed for days and everytime I think I'm feeling better I end up over exerting myself and end up right back in bed. Not to mention stressing myself out about an upcoming neurology appointment that already had to be pushed back once and a number of other "life" things I'm dealing with currently. I feel like crap and I'm just ready to be "better" again. 😫😫 #justventing #Anxiety #stressed #fluseason #Bronchitis #chronicasthma #MenieresDisease #bilateralmenieresdisease #vestibulardisorder #innereardisorder #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #HearingLoss #HardOfHearing #HOH #Tinnitus #Vertigo #dizzy #nausea #imbalance


Feeling really dizzy today and yesterday

I woke up at 4am yesterday, feing dizzy and disoriented. I fell asleep again, and woke up at 8 with the same feeling. I got up to get water and something to eat, hoping it would help. I sat on the couch until it eventually passed around noon.
By 3, even though I had hardly moved from the couch, I was feeling exhausted. I took a nap and woke up an hour later, once again feeling disoriented and like the room was spinning.
The feeling took less time to subside that time. I woke up this morning feeling better. No dizziness. As I went about my morning, though, I could feel it creeping in when I moved a little too quickly.
It's now 1:45 in the afternoon, I'm at work and have been feeling dizzy and like to room is spinning. I've been feeling this way for about half an hour. I've been drinking water, eating my regular meals.
I'm really hoping this is a fluke because of the weather or some other odd, random thing. I really hope this symptom doesn't stick around. It's as bad as the pain; just as debilitating if not more.
#Dizziness #Fibromyalgia #symptoms #newsymptoms #justventing #ChronicIllness