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    The beauty,and majesty of nature is true #Healing #today #TOMORROW #always #PTSD #AbuseSurvivors

    Something truly lovely, and magestic for today..My husband and I are here this weekend, celebrating my Birthday next week..♥️With all this beauty surrounding us I am so happy, content and at peace today..😌

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    #always tired

    #Anxiety My anxiety wears me out! Every day, my goals remain out of reach because of my overwhelming exhaustion. I want to start a freelance writing business. Just thinking about my future and what I need to accomplish to be successful drains me until I can’t accomplish anything. My thoughts hinder me but the tiredness does me in.



    #what is a friend? #My definition. Someone that accepts you as you are. Someone that listens to you when you talk. #Not JUST GOSSIP. Someone that is there for you if they are able. #Someone you trust. Someone that doesn't try to change you. #Someone that doesn't get mad because you don't share the same interests. I try to be this person. Why is it so hard to find the same? With depression, anxiety and PTSD things are hard for me mentally. #Understanding helps. #Acceptance as is helps. #negativity doesn't help. #always complaining doesn't help. #Accepting flaws and differences without anger helps. We all suffer from SOMETHING, you can't expect people to do things at your pace. You can't think your way of life is THE WAY and people should be like you. #passive /aggressive behavior is hurtful too. #Rather be alone.


    Family #always #ChronicIllness #Deprssion #LoveLetters

    Family # will always be there for you.
    Always. Period. End of discussion.
    Even if they aren’t related by blood.
    If someone is not blood-related,
    But they are always there for you.
    They are your family.
    If someone is blood-related
    But they are not always there for you
    They are not your family.
    Every single person in your life has a phone
    It is not that hard to send a text
    It is not that hard to call and check in on someone.
    Every single person has access to a mailbox.
    Every single person that cares about you,
    Could spare five minutes out of their week
    And write you a letter just to check-in.
    If they care, they will make time to show it.
    Blood may be thicker than water
    But blood can also be acidic.
    Know your worth.

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    #Cats #catnap #Sweet #cute #mybaby . #furfriend #Furbaby 😽

    After a long #Night of staying up - Gracie's finally hitting the sack & catching a few Zzzzzzz's......ill have to use all I have to #push myself to try to push myself to get ready for my #Psychiatric, I wish I was Gracie!!! ...She's got her run of the "house" (apartment)...&nearly #always gets her way!!!! She's got me trained well. Totally !!!!🐱😹😹😹but way a #Joy she is!!! #Love my "Gracie-Waisie"💕💕💕🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾


    I want to die

    Can someone call me on the phone pls... I'm lonely. Im sick and tired of being ignored by everyone everyday of my life because now i think I am created to alone. My feelings don't matter to anyone, I'm not important to anyone. I don't have any real friends and everyone is better without me.. my parents never loved me.. they lie too much in my face... and they abuse me.. i go to school seeing that everyone has their pathetic smiles and im the only one through this .. since no one gives a damn i migjt as well disappear mysteriously

    And no one will notice I'm gone

    #Loneliness #suicidal thoughts #always alone 24/7

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    Weekends #Kindness #laughter

    A Great many things

    Can be solved with Kindness

    Even more With Laughter

    But there are some things that

    just Require

    Kindness laughter and cake
    Three Things to be grateful for
    Along with friends 💞

    #saturdaygiggles #Cake #Kindness #laughter #Friends #always #grateful #Family #Love #Hugs #checkonyourneighbours


    If only I could thank JK Rowling for whats she’s given me.


    I think my posts , like me, are invisible #Anxiety #scapegoat #always judged #worthless #cut out of all family #COVID19

    I have lived in quarantine for YEARS. When a cheater is caught, he took route mean as hell. 2 years to divorce, 3 years regarding children. I have been insulted beyond hurt.
    Now adult children do everything with daddy.
    Here’s my problem... I didn’t get ugly, cheat or alienate... and somehow ... he wins.

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    All over the place tonight.

    I'm uncomfortable and hurt and don't want anyone getting close to me so I manipulate them. They're both intrigued and offended at the same time. I've always been alone with my depression and I just want to continue that way. People mock my pain and play the victim at the same time. I make alot of people uncomfotable, there's just no place for me. I just want to forget about being bipolar and what I do to cope. I'm so frustrated. #Bipolar depression #frustration #Sadness #Anxiety #unmatched #Borderline personality disorder #Bipolar anger #always uncomfortable #nothing matters