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Been There, Forgot That! | Finding Humor in the Forgetfulness

The cognitive function struggles when your #RareDisease causes brain fog and #neurodivergent disorders poses difficulty in remembering can be extremely frustrating. But don’t see this as a personal flaw - you are not to blame #neurodivergentzebra

The next time your neurological and physical conditions are contending for your brain power, imagine each one as two cartoon characters. Next, visualize them playing tug of war for your brain. Let them play their silly game and imagine yourself walking right past them. This will send those characters a visual message that you’re not going to give them any more of your time or energy.

Back in the physical world, consider keeping a notebook or to-do list handy so that, as those random tasks come up you can immediately write them down - checking them off later on is oh-so satisfying! You got this 💪

#Neurodiversity #neurodivergence #ADHD #PTSD #OCD #executivefunctiondeficit #BrainFog #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #EDS #RareDisease #Anxiety #PanicDisorder

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#TinyZebraNotes on rare diseases

It can be all too easy to begin losing pieces of your identity to your diagnoses, especially when it invades your thoughts, forces you to spend your time scheduling appointments around it and drains your energy. There will be moments when it feels like we are more of a patient than a father, wife, sister, creative being, an individual worthy and deserving of compassion and love.

It’s okay to let go of that overwhelming power that our diagnoses can have over us - it doesn’t validate our experiences any less by consciously accepting what is and telling your diagnosis that it is not who we are.

I fight this internal conflict often because, like our conditions, managing the mental and emotional comorbidities are also chronic, constant and difficult to navigate. It helps to take a few purposeful breaths and remind ourselves that we are doing our best.

*If you enjoyed this post, feel free to follow along my #neurodivergentzebra journey on IG: @TinyZebraNotes


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Hello, I'm a neurodivergent zebra

I just wanted to jump on here and thank those who have taken a few moments to read my recently published story: Accepting the Truth as a Neurodivergent Zebra. Also, a few of you already started following #TinyZebraNotes on Instagram - I hope you find encouragement and humor in its posts :)

Lastly, I'm humbled that The Mighty took a chance on publishing my story, as it was a lengthy one (I'm a long-winded person, as evidenced by this post!) filled with personal experiences and information on the neurodivergent community. I look forward to contributing more in the future!#MightyTogether #TinyZebraNotes #neurodivergentzebra #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ADHD #OCD #PTSD #Neurodiversity #ChronicPain #MentalHealth

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