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Being alone is the only cure #alone #misunderstood #Darkdays

As the days pass I’m finding myself convincing myself that I’m better off alone. My favorite artist “rod wave” has a new song “alone”. I feel the pain in that song because I too feel worthless Like I ain’t worth ish. Wake up everyday work hard do your best and it’s never enough. No friends. No shoulder to cry on at night. Just always feeling like you always gotta overwork and prove something that in the end never seems to matter anyway. Work sucks. I think I’m not meant to be happy. I believe in God but I feel invisible to him. Like I’ve come so far. And it still feels pointless! I saw 2 rainbows today and I just want to know when will I feel happy! I feel I’m loosing control and I have no place or no one to understand me, love me or accept me! I have no place that feels like home. Im so sad but on the outside you would never know! #nothingleft


Since Covid have others struggled with who they are and what’s next?

I had thought I new my direction I thought I was finding my passion but since then I have been lost with no clue as to who I am or where I’m going. My life feels a constant struggle physically mentally emotionally. I see my days filled with dread and no one to tell. I have no energy for work no excitement for my family. #nothingleft #depressiontomuch

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I am so depressed I can't move forward with what's left of my life. Every day I feel that there is no hope and nothing left.#Depression

I have no place to call home. Every choice I make is the wrong one and I don't have the money to make another mistake! I am scared and alone and my eyes hurt from crying all the time. I miss my dog so much. I want to be happy. I hurt.#nothingleft
#depressionhurts !#Iwanttogohomebutthereisnone

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Another dark day today. #SocialAnxiety

Today was really hard. I had a panic attack at a shopping mall. The only person I feel I can remotely be myself around is becoming more and more distant with me. I hate public places, I hate feeling people watch meand think about me. I wish I was invisible. I caused a huge argument within my only group of friends and honestly if I loose them I have nothing left to live for.

I spend all week hoping for the weekend thinking it’s going to be my escape. Turns out there is none.

What are your escapes? Advice?

#CheckInWithMe #SocialAnxiety #Depression #PanicAttacks #hatelife #nothingleft

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Drained #lost

Sometimes when you feel nothing but NOTHING. You questioned yourself if you’re even normal for not feeling anything at all. But really in reality, there was a point in your life where you give and give and give but it still seems not enough. You realized that your existence was completely not enough to make them stay. That you blame yourself for everything that has happened... and that’s why you felt nothing. Nothing seems worse than having to feel anything at all. #lost #feelings #nothingleft



#nothingleft My 18 year marriage is over and every day is a struggle. I don’t know how to stop the sadness from overwhelming me.


The End

What’s left when your back is against the wall and the ground is crumbling beneath your feet? A high building, the train tracks? #Checkwithme #nothingleft