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Is anyone a fan of anime?

This I made a few years back when Covid-19 first appeared during the summer. I did an experiment making a home made projector using a box, a magnifying glass and my phone. And painting my favorite character from Dragonball Z “Android 18”.

I wanted to make her life size using stuff from the dollar store such as poster board paper, cardboard from presentation boards and craft smart paint but the projector I made didn’t project large and clearly enough. It Took the whole summer to make at the time.

#Isolation #ArtTherapy #painting #COVID19 #Loneliness

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Nintendo Switch custom painted travel case

I made this last year, I came across a cheap Nintendo switch travel case at a Marshalls store for $8. It was blank and wanted to paint something on it then spending an arm and a leg of something I was looking for. So I did a painting of one of my favorite Dragonball z characters. “Android 18 and Kefla” I don’t really take my Nintendo Switch anywhere just to my bedroom or living room. I have another blank case on the side if I ever want to paint another one.

#ArtTherapy #MultipleSclerosis #painting

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Grid Painting

This is a grid of over 40 little spaces for watercolor painting. It took a long time to fill them out. The less and less space I had, the more my perfectionism came out. In the end I just did solid colors in some squares because I needed it to be done! #Depression #Anxiety #Art #distraction #Selfcare #painting #perfectionism

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Art therapy finished

I’m finished. A month of work. I made this for a friend who voices these characters. She always loved my stuff, on my last birthday she sent a gift card to help me get this painting easel you see on my desk holding the painting. I wanted to give something back after everything she has done for me. I’m planning to see if I can mail this painting to her as a thank you. I’m happy how it came out but also kind of sad I finished it. I wanted her to have a piece of me that she can always keep.

#MultipleSclerosis #ArtTherapy #anime #painting

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Hat Art

This one is hat art I painted of an existing character from the anime “Dragon Ball Super” she’s one of my favorite characters I did this months ago for therapy for myself with #MultipleSclerosis took a month to paint. I made it for myself just for fun and if I ever meet people who are fans of the show. #ArtTherapy #anime #painting

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Progress on Iron Man helmet

I took a little break on my Painting a little to experiment with my iron man helmet. I added silver metallic paint to see if it can help bring out the red metallic paint later for a shiny reflective surface. The image on the top left was how the helmet originally looked. I wanted to get the classic iron man helmet, since GameStop didn’t have any, I decided to custom paint one myself since they are the same helmet model. Only difference is the red eyes which it looks cool really. #ArtTherapy #MultipleSclerosis #painting

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Art Therapy part 4

It’s going well just a little trouble for the giant hamster thing finding the right color scheme of the character and more touch ups. #MultipleSclerosis #ArtTherapy #anime #painting