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broken heart

How do you guys handle this with BP2? I’m diving into a low at the same time I finally decided to walk away from a guy who abused my love for him and always made me feel like I was never good enough for him.

I cannot let this affect me right now, my lows are difficult enough as it is at times. I want to scream and cry because it hurts but I’m scared if I let myself feel it’s going to be so hard to come back up.

No one besides my doctor knows i’m BP, so I tackle it on my own.

#Bipolar2Disorder #ChronicDepression #Anxiety #obsessivethoughts #pessimism

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Pessimistic / Optimistic

Pessimistic / Optimistic

•Sammy learns how beneficial it can be changing negative thought patterns. It’s not about being “positive”. You can listen to what the negative thoughts are telling you without letting them overtake you. Sometimes these negative thoughts are just a way to protect you. A way of letting the vulnerable part of your heart know that: “hey, shit is scary. Hold my hand please while we walk together..”

•Optimism almost requires an Emotional support friend to keep it going, in the form of: Hope. Resilience. Strength. And most importantly, Love. Whether it’s love for yourself or love you give/receive from others. It’s a good motivator for remaining optimistic in dark times.


#Art #Drawing #optimism #pessimism #inspire


I'm tired of the nighmare

I feel I can keep fighting. I've been with low mood, sadness, anger against me for years and now I can only think in how bad my past was, all what I have lost and that I can't feel anything good. Although I know there are a lot of good things, I can't have any positive emotion or feeling. I can do anything. Everything scares me or it is too hard like I live in a nightmare. I don't really know what to do and I can find any hope even in my psychologist. I wish I was dead.
#negativity #pessimism #Dead #End #help