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How do you cope when you’re super happy and then suddenly a bad thought makes you depressed?

Had a bunch of fun today went to cat shelter to volunteer, went for a super long walk like 1 h or 1h 30 mins kind of. Hung out with a friend at the cat shelter 🐱 and then went to get some yummy Korean type of food at Krunch Chiken or something it’s called. Then went kayaking with my mom and dad even though they fight a lot lol. It was fun and really peaceful with the beautiful nature, I’m usually not this active at all but then suddenly one bad thought 💭 or one little thing kinda snaps you from all of that, I guess cuz im a little stressed out about all the to do things I need to do these few weeks and trying to get on top of it and not procrastinate etc.

But im trying I guess maybe I feel scared like oh im too happy and not anxious or depressed lately and something bad will happen and take it all away, or it’s too good to be true and soon I’ll be worse again. Idk I guess it’s hard you can’t always be happy or calm and it’s ok to accept sad emotions too it’s a balance of it all.

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What helps you balance between being positive and accepting/ validating your feelings and thoughts 💭

Finding a balance between being positive and also accepting your sometimes negative feelings or thoughts that aren’t always so happy and dandy.

Both are equally valuable, but I guess what helps you to be self-aware or manage them so it’s not one more than the other? When possible.

#Positivity #negativity #balance #mind #growing #norightorwrong #Anxiety #Depression #struggles #managing

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#negativity &BPD

I’m very negative person! My Mother and Sister have both brought to my attention the fact that I always dwell on the negative memories and aspects of my life and very seldom if ever on the positive things that have happened to me. I can recall with perfect clarity the slights and bad memories but without pictures and videos and even with pictures and videos the good memories are hard to recall! It has caused me a ton of problems and hurt to my family, especially to my Mother. Does anyone else have this problem!

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A Disney Day

It was a Disney Day at Magic Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. I had an awesome time walking around with my cousin for her #Birthday . She is 40 years old, and I am 36! How the heck did we get so #Old ? I thought about #Life a lot this week, and I wondered about what the future holds for us all.

Are any of you trying #desperately to avoid watching the #News on TV? I sure do. I don't watch news clips on YouTube or read news articles that contain #negativity because my brain cannot handle it. Can yours?

I wish that things were #different . I know that we all wish things could have been improved as it feels pretty horrible right now. I would be lying if I said I did not go on YouTube and watch a few newsclips. #Youtube is always my #Outlet to receive #Communication from the world and watch my favorite creators. However, It is #hard to get myself away from the news section. The #gasprices alone are enough to cause a concern.

So... I want to spend as much time as I can visiting Magic Kingdom while I have the chance. I am thankful for my annual pass, as we bought it before I lost my #Job with Universal Studios.


Anyway... how are you??

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Negativity is draining #Stress #Workplace #Depression #chronic #Caregiver #Drained

I’m having a really hard time at work now. I sort of need work to be an escape from the rest of the craziness in my life. I’m at this job 10 months so I don’t have the luxury of tons of seniority. Some ppl left and some new ppl joined and such an air of NEGATIVITY and malaise has descended. I find it so hard to stay upbeat (not easy anyway) and provide appropriate patient care. Every job has positives and negatives please .
Anyway thanks for listening. Any ideas validation or helpful comments would be appreciated #chronic #Caregiver #HealthCare #negativity #Drained #miserable #watercooler #Workplace


Negative funnies

I was raised if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Nobody lives by that these days. People think it's funny to negatively bash other people. Just people in general people they don't know. It's negative energy it's gross and unhealthy in my world. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Want someone to say how about you what you're saying about them okay go ahead and say it! Sick of the negative!#negativity #anger #cruelworld

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Thought for the day

I have been consistently told by medical professionals that I can’t improve my physical disabilities but I’m not willing to accept that. So I challenge myself to do weights, some mild yoga, walk and swim. All of these things cause me immense pain and a couple of hours later I am immobilised. However, I am doing what I can in each present moment. I’m not dwelling on past experiences or comments. I am not invested in a future outcome which is imagined or predicted. I’m not worrying about what happens after. I am simply doing whatever I can at the time. That changes from day to day, hour to hour, even minute to minute. So here I am. Not listening to my own negative voices or external opinions. Only I know what I can and can’t do at the time by listening to my body. #Positivity #carpediem #Disability #Exercise #negativity

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When someone hurts you, sometimes it’s best to just walk away. No drama, no words. Just walk away. And that’s ok!

Invite in the peace by getting rid of the turmoil. #ToxicPeople #negativity #Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD #EatingDisorders


I've gotten feedback that my conversation topics are often negative & repetitive. How can I be more genuinely positive in my interactions with people?

I have anxiety and adhd and have kind of always felt like life is a struggle. Throw in the series of unfortunate events throughout my life and I am pretty much chronically stressed. Of course good things also happen but generally I am in a state of anxiety and worry. My mind is usually focused on feeling that I'm not doing enough or I'm going to fail at something or I'm not being a good friend, roommate, daughter, sister, partner, employee, etc. So when I make an effort to sound excited when I talk to people, it feels completely unnatural. Almost like I'm incapable of grasping the happiness I could be feeling. Or sometimes like I feel uncomfortable showing too much emotion. Maybe because it'll be like - yes I finally got a job but now I'm scared to death of failing. Yes, I can afford an apt in the city now but what if I lose my job and is this really a good idea?? I'm not going to be able to save as much money and it won't leave much room for fun or to help my family. My usual response to how I'm doing is usually negative unless I make an intentional effort to say something good. It does eventually seem to push people away or at least frustrate those I'm lucky that they accept me and stick around. My therapist literally once asked me, can you think of something good in your life? Which really irritated me because she made me feel guilty about my feelings and in that case she missed the point of what I was saying. I told her of course I can. All these good things are happening, but I still feel like this. Fyi I take a mood stabilizer and adhd medication. I sometimes wonder if it's the medicine but I think I was like this even before it.
#Anxiety #ADHD #negativity #NegativeThoughts #oversharing #relationshipsandanxiety