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Happy Humpday!

Well gang, we made it. It’s halfway through the week and we are all still kicking, still alive and still here to share our stories. Whatever your week has held since Monday, good or bad - take a moment today to meditate on that and try to ground yourselves for the remainder of the week. You’ve got this.

Love and support to each and everyone of you, as always - feel free to comment on any victories or troubles that you may have today, community is everything. You’re safe here.

#Motivation #BPD #Depression #Borderline #Anxiety #humpday #optimism #Meditation #growth #Healing

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Good morning all you Mighty’s, whatever you are facing right now - won’t be forever. Keep your hearts open, notice things. Notice as even if the clouds are out today, that moment or singular sun ray that shines through. That is the divine reminding you to live in love, and that you are loved. Surrender to it, cheers.

#optimism #BPD #Love #mighty #Healing

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There is always a light spot

Optimism is always an option.
For someone with a chronic (mental) illness, the smallest things can cause much pain, sadness and anxiety, from bad weather to a mean word, and so on. Or if we look at it from the other side, the smallest things can bring us joy, from a great coffee to a kind word. However, never mind how optimistic am I normally, on the darkest days it is not that easy to notice the small beauties of everyday life.
The past 2 weeks I was struggling with anxiety and the fear of loss, even if nothing serious happened. My friend and colleague, who was sitting next to me at work, had been "moved" to another section at our workplace. Yeah, I know this can seem childish, I know I should grow up, but still... Since that I don't have anyone to talk to during the day, and due to earlier and childhood experiences, it is really hard for me to socialise or simply be alone... I have other colleagues, but the 2 of them who are close enough to talk seems to falling in love with each other, so it would be awkward to tell them anything... I don't want to disturb them.
So it's just that feeling of loneliness.
The only thing on my mind since that is how small my problem is, how minor is this situation, and how much I overthink it. But as I mentioned before, the smallest things can be painful. I started to feel depressed. Not the way as the clishé sounds when someone says 'I have a bad day, I am so depressed', but the real way. That feeling of sinking into a deep moss of hopelessness and loneliness. By this simple thing - my friend is still my friend, we can still talk, but I couldn't do anything with these feelings for 2 weeks.

Today morning as I was sitting on the bus on my way to work, a song crossed my mind, what I listen to nearly every day, and still haven't put together the meaning. The lyrics is, to translate it to english is something like: "You need to make the best of what you have."
And I started wondering about it. Okay, I can be depressed and continue sinking into loneliness, or I can make the best of what I have. And if the only thing I have in this situation is that I can talk to my friend after work, than I will. And the best thing I can do is to keep in touch instead of isolation and spend the time alone. If not at the workplace, we can meet after work - nobody told we can't be friends anymore.
And when I got off the bus, I noticed what you can see on the photo I took. There is always some light behind the dark clouds.

Only a sentence needed. I know this is not that exact form of anxiety and depression what we usually suffer from. I suffer much more from OCD and anxiety, but maybe that's why I can see this case clearer. And if I can do this in this situation... I can find these positive sentences in other ones, because it seems the opportunity is always there. In daily life I am an optimist, but why couldn't this work in challenges in my life too?
And you know what? You can do it too! 😉

#optimism #OCD #Anxiety #MentalHealth


The Bell Dip of Bad Stuff

I doodled this exactly a year ago ... when the pandemic seemed a lot more short-term. I drew it to be kinda universal; it doesn't apply to all situations, like, my #Fibromyalgia ain't going away, but it highlights #coping , #resilience , and #optimism .

#MentalHealth #COVID19


Today I am filled with fire! #fightingback #strength #optimism #Arthritis

Today I'm having a good energy day and I tend to fight back with it. I've been bullied by my work place with discrimination, also by the insurer who is looking at my disability claim and by occupational therapists who don't understand my condition. I have the energy today to stand up to them and write letters to appeal this process.

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Pessimistic / Optimistic

Pessimistic / Optimistic

•Sammy learns how beneficial it can be changing negative thought patterns. It’s not about being “positive”. You can listen to what the negative thoughts are telling you without letting them overtake you. Sometimes these negative thoughts are just a way to protect you. A way of letting the vulnerable part of your heart know that: “hey, shit is scary. Hold my hand please while we walk together..”

•Optimism almost requires an Emotional support friend to keep it going, in the form of: Hope. Resilience. Strength. And most importantly, Love. Whether it’s love for yourself or love you give/receive from others. It’s a good motivator for remaining optimistic in dark times.


#Art #Drawing #optimism #pessimism #inspire

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Therapy Animal #esa #TherapyAnimal

I have spent 90% of my time at home this year. 5% of my time going to the grocery store or Target. The last 5% of my time in the car for pick up orders. Covid has changed our lives in so many drastic ways. Being a high risk individual who is chronically ill And takes immunosuppressive medications, things have been so difficult this year. I am sure there are plenty online here who can sympathize.

I am a SAHM with 4 kids, and I am teaching them via online school. The schools in Arizona are so awful that we switched to an online public charter. It’s been the best choice. However, this year has been very mentally, and emotionally taxing. Not just for myself but, for my kids as well. Around the end of June I began feeling so down, and depressed. So we decided to foster 3 Black Lab, Australian Cattle Dog mix. We ended up keeping 2 out of the 3. They were still formula feeding when they came to be with us. How precious they and ring they were. The dog pictured is my Female, Jiji. I adore her so much and she has brought me so much comfort and peace. I have always found animals to be therapeutic, and comforting. I genuinely believe that they’re our protectors, and they love unconditionally. I am so thankful for my sweet girl. Through my bad pain days, and my moments of sadness I can look at her and I can’t help but smile. Between my Husband, my kids, and my pets I have so many reasons to keep optimistic. I couldn’t imagine coping with all I do and not have them around. #TherapyDog #COVID19 #Depression #coping #optimism #ournewnormal