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    Self-Care Sunday

    It’s so important to take care of yourself while experiencing grief
    #petlossandgrief #petloss #petgrief #griefandloss #mentalwellness #Selfcare #selfcaresunday #practiceselfcare

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    How to cope with the loss of your pet

    Dive a little deeper into the topic of pet loss and grief by listening to today's podcast episode. I speak with Julie Marty-Pearson who has a doctorate in psychology and a podcast all about pets. Julie shares her own personal experiences with losing her two fur babies as well as ways to help you cope with the loss of your pet.

    #petlossandgrief #petgrief #petloss #copingwithloss #griefandloss #MentalHealth #griefawareness

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    Anticipatory grief

    Sometimes our pets die suddenly but other times we know the loss is coming. Anticipatory grief is also part of the grief journey

    #anticipatorygrief #griefandloss #Grief #PotentialGrief #Grief #petloss #petgrief

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    Ways to express your grief over the loss of your pet

    Here are a few ways you can express your grief over the loss of your pet

    #petloss #petlossandgrief #griefandloss #Grief #GriefWork #petgrief

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    Your feelings are valid

    These are some feelings you may experience when you lose your precious pet. All of your feelings are normal and valid.

    #petloss #petgrief #petlossandgrief #griefandloss #petgriefandloss #feelings


    My dog died and it’s my fault #Grief #petloss

    My baby died a few weeks ago in a car accident and I don’t know how I can forgive myself because I should have prevented it. Pretty sure I want to die now

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    Chico bear, Chico went to the rainbow bridge in September 2021



    Dealing with the loss of a very good boy

    I haven't posted here in a while, as I've been in a much better place. But that all came crashing down when very early this morning, I got a very disturbing call from my family.

    Our family dog has passed away. We got him as a puppy, and he helped us move on from the trauma of finally getting rid of my abusive father (That's a whole nother story!) He belonged to a coworker who didn't want him, so we took him. He's been a very good friend and family member to us. But he had health problems.

    I had moved away from my family to live on my own, and I had to leave him behind with them, choosing to still pay his pet insurance. The moment, got that phone call, any sleepiness I felt was instantly replaced with stunned silence, then, after the call, a tsunami of unstoppable tears came. My little brother, my friend. He's so much more than just a dog. He's not the first dog I lost, but it hurts all the same.

    I wish I could've done more. Is it my fault for leaving? It couldn't be, but a tiny part of my mind says differently. He was gone way to soon, and even as I write this, more tears come. He was gone way too soon. He was only 8.

    I had gotten a new puppy a few months back with my partner, so he's been keeping me occupied lately by his constantly playful antics. But maybe he senses that I'm a bit off? I dunno, I'm just rambling at this point. After all, since I'm far away, it's not me who has to actually deal with the body.

    I'm going to take a shower and wash away the tears. My head and eyes hurt from all the coughing and crying. #Depression #petloss #AnxietyAttack