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    Self-Care Sunday

    It’s so important to take care of yourself while experiencing grief
    #petlossandgrief #petloss #petgrief #griefandloss #mentalwellness #Selfcare #selfcaresunday #practiceselfcare

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    How to cope with the loss of your pet

    Dive a little deeper into the topic of pet loss and grief by listening to today's podcast episode. I speak with Julie Marty-Pearson who has a doctorate in psychology and a podcast all about pets. Julie shares her own personal experiences with losing her two fur babies as well as ways to help you cope with the loss of your pet.

    #petlossandgrief #petgrief #petloss #copingwithloss #griefandloss #MentalHealth #griefawareness

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    Anticipatory grief

    Sometimes our pets die suddenly but other times we know the loss is coming. Anticipatory grief is also part of the grief journey

    #anticipatorygrief #griefandloss #Grief #PotentialGrief #Grief #petloss #petgrief

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    Ways to express your grief over the loss of your pet

    Here are a few ways you can express your grief over the loss of your pet

    #petloss #petlossandgrief #griefandloss #Grief #GriefWork #petgrief

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    Your feelings are valid

    These are some feelings you may experience when you lose your precious pet. All of your feelings are normal and valid.

    #petloss #petgrief #petlossandgrief #griefandloss #petgriefandloss #feelings


    Grief of ending a wanted pregnancy

    With the overturning of Roe Versus Wade, I felt compelled to interview women that have had abortions to open the conversation about these very individual and personal stories. I encourage you to listen to Kate's story with an open mind and an open heart, especially if you are against abortion.

    Kate had a late-term abortion when she was 35 weeks pregnant due to severe medical issues and it being a very high-risk pregnancy putting Kate's life in danger. Kate's story is an emotional one but it's not an uncommon one. Kate shares the shock, grief, and fear she experienced when she learned her best option would be having an abortion for her very wanted and very loved baby.

    Listen to Kate's emotional and powerful story here

    #Abortion #Prochoice #prolife #antichoice #Depression #Anxiety #abortionishealthcare #griefandloss #Grief #Miscarriage


    Return of the feels

    It’s my trauma season, the crisp and cool breeze, the stale smell of the air, and the clouds over head. It happens to be my favorite season, yay sweaters and boots and Halloween, it’s quite confusing. This season reminds me of all the hurt and pain and abuse I’ve endured, it is also a tortured time for my heart and soul, because it reminds me of my losses.

    I’m here again. I’m not sure how long I’ll stay, but I know I need a community that understands. Right now I’m in the big sad feels and being a lazy blob. But I’m grateful I have a wonderful polycule that wants to take care of me, even if I have to work through the guilt of being disabled.

    #Grief #griefandloss #CPTSD #Disabled

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    Pets are such important and beautiful members of the family #griefandloss #Suicide #Estrangement

    Hello Team,
    My beautiful partner sadly died 7 weeks ago. Every second of my life has been filled with absolute sadness and desperation. My in-law family of whom I have been a part of has become estranged to me in the wake of his death which has added to the immense loss that I am feeling. I have just found out our beautiful dog who I had hoped would be returned to us is now not coming home. My heart has broken every single day since my mans death. Me and my children are continually devastated by the injustice we feel in the world. Although we try to remain optimistic (it is in our nature) it seems the universe is pushing so many lessons in our direction right now it is hard to understand what they are. I’m here sending lots of love to everyone in the community, I know
    Our story is not unique but it is valid as it is ours. ❤️