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I'm mostly homebound. (Is that a bad word? I don't care. It adequately describes my daily life.) But I can get out sometimes when my pain lets me. I've has a prescription at the pharmacy for a few days now that I haven't been able to get. I haven't been able to get it, and my wife has needed to work late. I know they can deliver it, so I'll probably need to go that route. Anyway...I was hopeful to get there today but woke up in high pain. Maybe it'll come down as the day goes on. We'll see. What do you do when you need something that you're not able to get in a timely manner? #ChronicIllness #Medicine #pharmacy #ChronicPain

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Quick Tip Thursday: If Possible, Use One Pharmacy To Fill All Your Medications

To reduce the risk of duplication of medicines or harmful drug interactions, try using only one pharmacy that keeps track of all your medications.

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A Pharmacist called me “A big red flag” #ChronicPain

This afternoon I called my doctors office to ask why my muscle relaxer was not filled. They informed me that the pharmacist wouldn’t fill it because of a state regulated law. This I understand, however I have been taking these medications together for many years. I am a chronic pain patient and I am treated based off what I can and cannot take. Not only am I a chronic pain patient due to a genetic disorder in which I was born with(Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) but as many of you know this comes with a list of comorbidities. I won’t get into all of them but one of the comorbidities that I present, is mast cell activation disorder. I am allergic to and/or have reactions to a lot of different medicines. I am currently taking three medicines that the pharmacist decided he was going to hold hostage. 1 Percocet, 2 Clonazepam, and 3 Metaxalone. None of which are regularly filled on the same date. I also do not take the Percocet daily, it is as needed and only for very bad days. I just recently switched to Metaxalone because I was on Soma and understood the risks of the medication. I called the pharmacy to air my concerns. While speaking with the pharmacist he made it very clear to me that he did not see me as a patient in pain, but as a medication seeker. This made me quite angry. This is a new pharmacy for me so I do not know this man and he doesn’t know me. I’ve previously filled elsewhere and never had these issues or been treated this way, but when my insurance changed so did my pharmacy. I understand that these conditions are rare and that means they are treated differently than your typical ailment. I tried explaining myself to the pharmacist and he continuously spoke over me and wouldn’t listen. He treated me as though I was an addict he said “If” I needed all of these medications together than they needed to be prescribed by the same doctor, probably a pain management doctor. I explain to him that I saw a pain management doctor at which point he cut me off. He said “whoa whoa whoa now you are a big red flag.” He didn’t let me explain that I don’t get medication from this doctor because of people like him, people who treat me like I’m a junkie, like I’m little, like I don’t deserve to be treated with love. He didn’t let me explain I only go to a pain management doctor for a nerve ablation in my back for spinal stenosis. All he did was talk over me, and belittle me, make me feel like I was nothing. Although this is not something I am new to, it still brought back some memories I wasn’t ready for. Which is funny because the one medicine he’s holding hostage is the medicine that helps me control my PTSD from the abusive relationship that made me a scattered anxious mess. I grew after that relationship. I became pretty strong. Strong headed, strong-willed, strong hearted, a little mouthy even. The best part about it is he got to see that I refuse to be treated like anything less than human. I bite back. #EDS #pharmacy #RiseAbove #lovewins #Human