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Beautiful Wednesday

Very cool morning but SUN came to visit. My caregiver and I went to my appointment then some errands, one to a special bakery- Liberated Bakery. Gluten Free baked goods! I save up bottle money from residents in my building just to buy my treats.
We came home and got busy cooking Spanish rice, and meatloaf.
I got a turkey 🦃 for the holiday but too much for me so I gave it to my caregiver. She's cooking for many people.

I'm finally feeling better after getting back on medication that was stopped to aid in my booster vaccine working better but I got horribly sick with chronic pain in my feet joints to the point of not being able to walk .
I'm back in action!
#positivevthoughts , #chronic illnesses, #daily reflections and journal, ##Distract me, #check in with me, #Bipolar ,#Anxiety , #grateful ,
Thanks to all the mighties here.
Signing off.


Relaxing Saturday 😁

Did some kitchen chores then went for a walk. Made overnight oats again w pom seeds, chia seeds, ground nuts, apple butter and pumpkin puree.
Had a great chat with a friend, she has a sister thaTreatment has t completed reast cancer tx.
My Wednesday pains were extreme due to my having to stop a medicine on the 7th,&14thto enable booster to be more effective for me cuz I am
I'm holding hope that I can make it through the next week.
#chronic pain,#chronic illnesses, fibromyalgia,##Thought of the Day,#Distract me,#check in with me,#happy light,#Bipolar ,#seasonal affective,#positivevthoughts ,self care,#Anxiety ,#Walking
Signing off mighties! Check in Sunday

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