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    Exercise W/O Punishment, Really??? #ConqureYourMind #Guilt #free #Anxiety #free

    It was pitch black in my room at 4:45AM. I was wide awake reminiscing about my work schedule before being placed on medical leave. By 4:00AM, I would typically be outside walking and then cycling, for HOURS. So, this morning, after being on medical leave for nearly six months, as normal, my body was ready for action. But a new concept for me, self-compassion, interrupted my anxious mind.

    As I sat on my bed deciding what to wear in the below freezing temperatures, I figured I will make myself walk some hills for early morning exercise. But a soft thought entered my mind: Why? Well, I pondered, because…? I…I really…don’t…know.

    Typically, I motivate myself to do early morning outdoor exercise as a punishment for some THING. Let’s see, I must have sat still too long yesterday; even my watch tells me “it’s time to move!” I must have ate more than I should have, yesterday; but today’s a new day. I’m too fat due to this unexpectedly longgggg medical leave, which is actually allowing my brain to heal. Or some other reason that qualifies as some type of punishment against myself. Why! Oh, because I am convinced SOMETHING is wrong with me!

    But this morning, I prayed. And I then thought, “What would you really like to do?” The self-compassion definition floated through my mind, and I thought, “Man, this cold cloudy almost snowy morning, I would LOVE to stay in bed.” And guess what???

    I opened my eyes and the sky was bright. I slowly looked at my clock, it was 8:00AM on a Sunday. I was well rested. And before I knew it, with excitement, I was on my (now) stationary Specialized Sirrius bike cycling in my bedroom. I can no longer cycle the city streets due to the many concussions I have sustained from “bike-car” collisions. But as I cycled and listened, and watched, an Inspector Lynley episode, I realized I was exercising with JOY simply for the fun of exercising! Wow!!! It was then that I thought of sharing this experience with you, #TheMighty !!!

    This site is helping me learn new skills. And exercising w/o punishment is DEFINITELY a new self-compassionate way of living for this #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #ADHD #TBI #PTSD #PostconcussionSyndrome #Anxiety , and #Guilt laden survivor!!!

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    Mystery Night Episodes & My Resolution

    Almost 6 months ago now, in addition to my other chronic health issues, I started having what I can only refer to as “night episodes”. I’ll wake up feeling weird, nauseous, shaky, weak and generally discombobulated. We had originally assumed it to be a hypoglycemia related thing. I took consistent readings of my blood sugar for a while and did a 10-day continuous glucose monitor and neither showed anything abnormal.

    I’ve tried tracking my heart rate, my blood pressure, my temperature. I’m going to see a rheumatologist and a neurologist. But I’m struggling to even describe my symptoms.

    Sometimes my limbs feel disconnected and floaty. Or they’ll feel unnaturally heavy.

    Sometimes my head feels pressurized and floaty.

    Sometimes I feel like my body is filled with bees. They’re not stinging, it’s not painful. But they are buzzing around. And I’d like them to stop.

    Or it feels like my body has been hooked up to a very low voltage power source. Not enough to hurt, barely even enough to shock you if I touched you. But enough that I’m extra aware of so many nerves all at once.

    The only thing I’ve found that helps is heat and food. I will grab a small snack and get under my heated blanket. Then I can usually get back to sleep. Once I get back to sleep, I’m usually okay.

    I don’t get night episodes every night. But some weeks they’re more frequent than the nights I don’t. But they do seem to be connected to my circadian rhythm and anxiety as they’re more likely to occur on nights before I have to work the next day or when I stay up too late (past 10pm) and they have gotten a little less intense as I’ve been working on my anxiety coping skills.

    Some nights have been especially bad though. One night I kept having a head-squeezing paired with the brain equivalent to the feeling in your nose before you sneeze. It would happen at random though the night. I was so scared I was about to have a seizure, which is odd, because I’ve never had one before. But I think it was so close to what I imagine the lead-up to a seizure feeling like. (For those that are aware of the lead up to their seizures anyway.) Then another night I woke up at 5am in a panic. I oriented myself, thought it was odd and tried going back to sleep. Every time from then on when I would get to the twilight phase of sleep, it would happen again. I’d get an electrical tightness across my chest and upper arms, and panic. Then rhythmically, even after I’d given up going back to sleep and got up, I’d feel like someone were taking each of my internal organs and squeezing them. It was discomforting to say the least.

    At this point, I don’t have any answers. I don’t even have good medical terms to describe half of this. But I’m going to keep looking. The flame of hope flickers still. As a song from one of my favorite childhood movies says, “Hope is frail, but hard to kill”. Hope takes a beating. But she rises yet again.

    I am determined. I will pray. I will search. I will be kind to myself. I will utilize my curiosity and be courageous. I will acknowledge my emotions. I will wander this road till I find my way home.

    #Mystery #hashimotos #chronicinflammatoryresponsesyn drome #PostconcussionSyndrome #IBS


    Anyone read this?

    Any thoughts on this book?

    Living the Invisible Disability: Coping with Post Concussion Syndrome Traumatic Brain Injury & Depression
    Book by Hannah Andrusky


    It’s been a year

    I had my accident April 26, 2021. Thank God I was just approved for SSDI on my first try.

    It’s a hard situation because it’s an invisible illness and no one gets it. My husband least of all. No one respects that I feel sick or dizzy or nauseous or out of it or that I can’t do math anymore or remember shit.

    I can’t drive very well but because my husband refuses to be involved won’t drive me anymore, I do. It’s kind of funny. I take interstates where I can put it on cruise control and I don’t have to make so many decisions. LOL

    I used to knit And loved it but it’s hard for me so I color and, of course, my husband makes fun of me.

    I’m terrified of falling.

    I have surgery in two weeks to fix my neck (c4-c8) - stuff I can’t even pronounce but I remember corpectomy and discectomy. I’m absolutely petrified.

    I have a 29 year old son with autism who is devoted to me and depends on me. He helps me so much. Thank goodness for him. I dummy know what I’d do without his love and support even though I know he doesn’t get it either.

    I can’t read anymore but woohoo for audible right???

    So that’s my deal, sorry to sound so negative. It’s just the way it is.





    Part 1 of 4 MISUNDERSTOOD

    Most people don’t understand how often I go under with my #ChronicIllness , how I pay dearly for any days I’m active, that I only have 3 functional hours a DAY without debilitation creeping in & how frequently I can do nothing but rest and recover. That leaves this driven woman so frustrated and with mountains of life and responsibilities to catch up on for days after. If I don’t have another flare then I am blessed enough to get back to any other income generating or giving activities. And then I’m not necessarily ready for the aftermath on my body of doing so. I often push through, but in order to not go insane from pain and debilitation it is in my best interest finally in my life NOT to.

    All I’ve done is push and try and comments I receive here about being young and lucky (I am 44)…or people thinking I’m lazy or anti-social… or haven’t tried hard enough to get well… or that I can’t keep my promises… because they don’t realize how sick I am is literally heartbreaking. Yes, I have done about every holistic remedy over the past 18 years, continue to be on powerful herbs, detox constantly and work with an excellent specialist in Orlando, FL every 3 months to fight for my health. I have worked extremely hard and #LymeDisease has stolen so much from me ie. any possibility of having a successful #Relationships and starting a family. Then, I learned you can transmit #LymeDisease through the placenta so there went that! I’m finally in a place where I can have quality of life and literally living is worth it. I have SACRIFICED to get here!! My horses have been saving my life daily over the past couple of years because I have to get out, use my muscles, and take care of them every day. I know my heart is weak so trudging uphill here with the wheelbarrow might just be saving my life even if it sounds like I can’t breath (I often have severe air hunger). People are so blind to the fact that my doctors and I ARE doing so much right or I would be SO MUCH worse. I can have moments and half days without suffering which I never had before. People always tell me they either know someone who had Lyme but are better so I must be missing the magic cure, or that the person they know has it really severe, not like “my mild case.” It’s ridiculous. My life is constantly busy doing on the days I can, catching up, or resting to heal to catch up again. I hardly have any free time or feel well enough to socialize. That should not receive criticism. I am not a burden on anyone and don’t need pity or help. JUST understanding and being seen for who I am would be appreciated.

    #LymeDisease undiagnosed for four years set into effect a cascade of powerful physiological changes that can never be undone that ruined my adrenal glands (this is a huge deal), left me with zero energy, hormones that I have been trying to replace, left my body unable to process environmental stressors, mold or tolerate heat, left me almost allergic to the sun, makes my Epstein bar which is mono viruses ???? constantly reactived even though I have to take antivirals daily, the list goes on and on. #LymeDisease starts up #PostconcussionSyndrome in me very often which has the effect of a #TraumaticBrainInjury . People keep looking at me judgingly and ask why I cannot get well. Having #LymeDisease and treating it right away is nothing like Chronic Lyme, it being left in your body undiagnosed for four years to cause destruction. It does irreparable, irreversible damage to your other body systems. SO many precious fellow warriors are in my shoes with this lifelong disease and a google search on the internet will reveal the horror of it. I struggle to take about 20 medications a day, get concoctions down and try to do oxygen ozone treatments in my house just to stay functional. Trust me, this is not what I want to do with my time, energy and brainpower, or finances! Yet, people still judge me every rare occasion I get out, look at me and ask me things like, “what are you doing with your self these days?” or “we thought you were better.” Or “We never see you.” As if I have a choice and am laying around with free time.

    My words falling on deaf ears and being so misunderstood is cruel. I am completely honest and transparent, telling people that I am chronically ill. The entire reason I had to leave my family and friends and move out here is because I lost the ability to work and the Florida environment was keeping me completely debilitated and in bed. Yet they constantly do not hear it. Just becau


    Anyone here have #DCD / #Dyspraxia ?

    I've been bumping into walls since 1994, lol. I also struggle with my fine motor skills as well, always have. Anyone ever have occupational therapy as an adult? I went briefly a couple of years ago, and I am considering going back to deal with #SensoryProcessingDisorder related issues and my coordination challenges.

    In other good news, my #PostconcussionSyndrome symptoms have reduced/are practically nonexistent!



    I fell out of a moving car when I was young. I have often wondered if my Major Depression Disorder is in any way partly caused by that.


    Concussion/mild TBI #PostconcussionSyndrome

    Anyone here ever have a concussion or mild #TraumaticBrainInjury ?

    I had one in 2011 when I was 16 going on 17 (I was hit by a car, also developing #PTSD and worsening my already existing #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder and #Depression at the time)

    This week I slipped on ice while walking my dogs so I am limiting my screen time but I did want to come on here for brief periods of time... I read that getting a second concussion tends to take longer healing than the first, regardless of concussion severity. I wonder if this is true. Would love to hear from the Mighty Community!

    #CheckInWithMe #Bipolar1Disorder #Anxiety #ADHD #Dyscalculia #Dyspraxia #Trauma #EatingDisorders