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Opening your eyes 👀 #postivevibes #believesurvivors #NoOneFightsAlone

Opening your eyes 👀, to beautiful of live, despite the storms that try’s to drown your live to a river of sorrow. Open your eyes 👀, to self-love, and forget those who stabbed your heart 💔 with poison ☠️ that attempt to kill your desires of loving 🥰 & be loved 💘. Open your eyes 👀 to the opportunity of seeing a new day, enjoy 😉 the gift of opening your eyes 👀 to life❣️ #Selflove #Hope #MightyPoets #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #Cancer


The bathroom wall

In our school toliets we have a wall. This wall used to have lots of postive things on it to help you going and people would actually help you. Then suddenly someone wipped the wall clean. Two pieces of paragraphs were then put up after that. One of the said " Why did they clean this wall? This wall was here to keep us going and to express ourselves." I actually agreed on that. I mean there was some pretty silly and weord stuff on it. I didn't even know who wrote it but I certainly was feeling their vibe. The other piece of writing was just a hashtag that said "#don 'tCleanTheWall." I was even tempted to write "#G .S.C. thoughts and motivation." Looking at this piece of writing, it makes me think that I am not alone. Lime this person understands me. It even comforts me. Like weird vibes. So yeah. The wall was cleaned so we didn't have any of our postive and motivating messages left. How sad?
Message me if you would feel the same way or like or whatever. #School #postivevibes #Happiness

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