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Opening your eyes 👀 #postivevibes #believesurvivors #NoOneFightsAlone

Opening your eyes 👀, to beautiful of live, despite the storms that try’s to drown your live to a river of sorrow. Open your eyes 👀, to self-love, and forget those who stabbed your heart 💔 with poison ☠️ that attempt to kill your desires of loving 🥰 & be loved 💘. Open your eyes 👀 to the opportunity of seeing a new day, enjoy 😉 the gift of opening your eyes 👀 to life❣️ #Selflove #Hope #MightyPoets #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #Cancer


My rapist is not A Monster

Hello, a note about perpetuating rape culture by describing rapists as "monsters" or "subhumans":

While they're crimes are quite monstrous, monsters they are not. They are fully human. They look and sound like you or me. They are in relationships, shop at your grocery stores, bring their children to soccer practice, live in the suburbs, have good jobs and drive nice cars.
Removing the humanity from our abusers perpetuates the idea of "Not them, they would never do anything like that, look at how respectable they are..." thus perpetuating a culture of disbelief of the survivor and a continuation of victim shaming and blaming.
Believe victims. Support them. Seek help if you, yourself, are in a dark place. What happened to you was never and will never be your fault. As I always say, reach out if you need help.

#Survivors #PTSD #SexualAssault #believesurvivors #CPTSD #Healing


Has anyone been very triggered by the news lately?

I’m feeling very upset and anxious over the events surrounding the issue of the Supreme Court nominee. Was wondering if anyone else was feeling this way. #Ibelievechristineblaseyford #believesurvivors #MeToo


If today's news is tough for you, you're not alone.

Hey Mighty Family,

I was struggling this morning listening to Christine Blasey Ford's testimony. If today has been hard for you too, I wanted to pass along some resources:

National Sexual Assault Hotline: call 1-800-656-4673

Crisis Text Line: text 741741.

We love you. Be believe you. We support you. You are not alone.

#SexualAbuseSurvivors #Trauma #believesurvivors